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CONSUMERS WANT NON-GMO INGREDIENTS. Dr. Praeger's focused on keeping brand fresh TASTE BUDS WANT TASTE. SATISFY BOTH. Our #1000 Yeast Extract is Non-GMO Project Verified. For a sample call 888-534-6621. Making food taste better. Connect with us on 28 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. - Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods began as a frozen gefilte fish company acquired by a pair of heart surgeons in 1992. Today, the brand is a competitor in the vegetarian, vegan and kosher frozen food categories, offering a portfolio of veggie burgers, fish fillets, hash browns and potato cakes with distribution in most supermarkets nationwide. "We've seen some really nice double-digit growth, high-20s growth over the past two years, and this year we're expecting mid-30s," said Larry Praeger, chief executive officer and son of cofounder Dr. Peter Praeger, M.D. Some of that success may be owed to recent additions to the company's sales and marketing teams, Mr. Praeger said. "By putting on some great sales reps and having the marketing team to support them, we've really been able to open up a lot more doors," he said in an interview with Food Business News. "A lot of it is low-hanging fruit and getting out there and getting more doors, and the other thing is actually increasing our turns on shelf because we're able to focus a bit more with the marketing department and work closely with different supermarket chains to work with their marketing teams to get our message across to their consumers." Beyond that, the company has remained true to its core values in using simple, whole ingredients while innovating with trending flavors. Newer products include a Korean Bibimbap veggie burger, a gluten-free heirloom bean veggie burger, and a gluten-free mushroom risotto veggie burger. "We're close to New York City, so we are able to see what's cutting edge in the restaurant space, and we can take what they're doing there and try to bring it into our world and try to make it something that will fit more in the Dr. Praeger's mold," Mr. Praeger said. "Meaning, it's going to be more healthful, potentially less sodium and less fat, and make it in a way that's convenient so you don't have to go to a restaurant to eat it or be an incredible chef to recreate it." Earlier this year the company unveiled a brand refresh, having invested $1 million to update the packaging, logo and web site. "You look at these emerging brands, and they all have, generally speaking, relevant, focused packaging to appeal to the next generation of health-conscious consumers," Mr. Praeger said. "We really wanted to bring that home with our package and have our product offerings reflect that." The company recently had its veggie burger added to the White Castle food service chain's menu. "White Castle really wanted to partner with us and work with us May 3, 2016

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Food Business News - May 3, 2016
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New front opens in the battle over sodium
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Dr. Praeger’s focused on keeping brand fresh
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Food Business News - May 3, 2016