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Coca-Cola invests in organic aloe water beverage maker MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF. - The Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB) unit of Atlantabased The Coca-Cola Co. has acquired a stake in L.A. Aloe L.L.C., maker of a line of certified organic aloe water beverages called Aloe Gloe. Introduced in 2012, Aloe Gloe has experienced a twoyear growth rate of 64%, according to research from Nielsen. The beverage is available in four flavors: crisp aloe, coconut, lemonade and white grape. The investment by CocaCola deepens the company's existing relationship with Aloe Gloe. "From the start, our goal was to create a unique aloe beverage that could be accessible to everyone," said Aloe Gloe co-founder and chief executive officer Dino Sarti. "This partnership with CocaCola will allow us broader access to consumers who will be able to experience this amazing organic product. We are proud to offer a highquality, 18-calorie per serving organic option at an affordable price and are eager to revolutionize the organic beverage market to be more inclusive of all consumers." Established in 2007, CocaCola's VEB unit focuses on identifying and nurturing brands with billion-dollar potential. "Our minority investment in Aloe Gloe gives VEB a further entry in the emerging market segment for plantbased beverages," said Scott Uzzell, president of VEB. "We look forward to partnering with Aloe Gloe to help them capture growth from this exciting consumer trend." L.A. Aloe is based in Southern California and sells Aloe Gloe in the United States and Canada direct to retailers and via its direct-store delivery partner, Coca-Cola Refreshments. In addition to L.A. Aloe, Coca-Cola has invested in and partnered with such brands as Honest Tea, Suja Juice, Zico coconut water and fairlife ultra-filtered milk. FBN Dunkin' Donuts evolves with expansion of beverage portfolio NANTUCKET, MASS. - Dunkin' Donuts plans to introduce cold brew coffee later this year as part of broader efforts to build its beverage portfolio while simplifying its food menu, said Paul Carbone, chief financial officer of Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc., Canton, Mass. "We've become more of a beverage culture," Mr. Carbone said during a June 21 presentation at the Jefferies Consumer Conference in Nantucket. "Innovation is probably more around beverages than food." That's because, as the company has learned through research, consumers decide where they buy breakfast based on either food or beverage selection. "So if they are choosing on beverage, and let's say they choose Starbucks, it doesn't 10 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® mean they are not buying food with it; it just means their decision is based on the beverage," Mr. Carbone said. "Similarly if they decide on food their choice, because they are a big player, tends to be at McDonald's. Now they buy a beverage, but that's pure attachment. "So if you look at Starbucks, I think is a great example, you can't customize any of their breakfast sandwiches and you can customize all their drinks. So that's a beverage-led company that also sells food. McDonald's is a food-led company that sells beverages. "So what the consumer, what their need and what the research has told us (is) you need to be one or the other... You're not walking away from food, but it's just how do you focus on beverages?" Mr. Carbone described Dunkin's increased focus on beverage innovation as "an evolution of the business." "Part of it is in the research and part of it is us really dissecting the business and understanding we can't be great at everything; we can't be stuck in the middle, and the consumer is telling us how they make their decisions," he said. "It's either food or beverage; it's not both." Recent efforts to reduce complexity in the restaurants have included eliminating combo meals and simplifying menu boards, Mr. Carbone said. The changes are accommodating the added complexity of a bigger beverage program. "If you think about it on a scale of 1 to 10, if we're a 9 today in complexity, can you take 2 points off complexity out of the restaurant from food so you go down to a 7 and you add back 1 point of complexity in beverages so you go back to 8," Mr. Carbone said. "So now you focused on beverages, you have made the restaurant less complex, order accuracy improves, which is absolutely key, speed improves. So that's both consumer research and knowing that beverage is where we want to be because of ritual and repeat business." FBN June 28, 2016

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Food Business News - June 28, 2016
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Food Business News - June 28, 2016