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Food Business in the News F For younger generations, especially G Z their tastes are different than Gen Z, their parents, and it's imperative that (big brands) respond to this. The writing's on the wall. It's not like the big legacy brands are going away, but we may see them shift in terms of focus. It could have a broader effect on what we eat 5 or 10 years from now. - Erik Thoresen, principal at Technomic, discussing why so many Traditional grocery stores can't ll tthe variety of products we can, sell because they don't merchandise as recipes.. - Matt Salzberg, a co-founder of the meal kit delivery service Blue Apron, discussing his perception of his company's strategic advantages. The Washington Post June 15, 2016 large food processors are introducing venture capital funds. Adweek June 10, 2016 Philly is really groundbreaking. It's i to unleash the next wave of tax efforts going across the country. - Jim Krieger, president of Healthy Food America, a nonprofit that helps local groups mount efforts to promote anti-sugar policies like soda taxes and warning labels. Politico The whole mission of this company is to make eating animals unnecessary. So, we don't want our product to just be delicious, we want it to be as delicious as meat.. - Patrick O'Brien, chief executive officer of Impossible Foods, discussing the goals for his company, which uses plant-based ingredients to make its products. The Wall Street Journal June 14, 2016 June 16, 2016 From the Archive - A Decade of Insight The internet is a big issue. There iis no way to control the information consumers are reading so a company will have to work hard to get its message out. We can increase the children's accep acceptance of healthy foods by having mothers vary their diets during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Repeated exposure only 8 or 9 times leads to greater acceptance of a vegetable. - Catherine Forestall, then a researcher with the Monell Chemical Senses Center, during a presentation - Joe Borchardt, then the market research manager for Kerry Americas, discussing emerging consumer at the 2006 I.F.T. Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Food Business News July 11, 2006 trends at the 2006 I.F.T. Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Food Business News 102 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® July 11, 2006 June 28, 2016

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Food Business News - June 28, 2016
What will Brexit mean for U.K. food and agriculture?
Obesity rate rises as sweetener use declines
Beverage Business News - Protein on trend in R.-T.-D. beverages
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Editorial - Market fragmentation intensifies C.P.G., retail competition
Coca-Cola invests in organic aloe water beverage maker
Dunkin’ Donuts evolves with expansion of beverage portfolio
Philadelphia passes tax on caloric, diet beverages
Post said to be considering combining with Lamb Weston
Teasdale adds to private label portfolio with purchase of Mesa Foods
CVS to expand selection of healthier foods, will add to private label line
Monster moving beyond energy beverages with debut of Mutant, Hydro
Coca-Cola changing its soft drink strategy to focus on ‘shaping choice
McDonald’s to relocate corporate headquarters
Smucker earnings soar on coffee sales, pet food acquisition
A squeeze on pectin
Picking out pectin alternatives
Kellogg launches $100 million venture capital fund
Kellogg adds Pure Organic to Kashi portfolio
TreeHouse Foods profiles the changing private label consumer
Martha Stewart enters meal kit market with delivery subscription service
B&G Foods ready to ‘fight back’ in frozen food aisle
Washington - Audit finds F.D.A. must improve food recall process
Snack Trends - Key trends unveiled at Sweets & Snacks 2016
Crispy, convenient and gluten-free
When gluten-free orders get serious
Company profile - WhiteWave Foods eyeing $3 billion in additional U.S. plant-based foods sales
WhiteWave’s Earthbound Farm brand set to soar in fresh and frozen
Industry Images - Record attendance at 2016 Purchasing Seminar
New Food Products
Ingredient Market Trends - Post-eleventh hour compromise on G.M.O. labeling
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Food Business News - June 28, 2016