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companies seeking clean label starches that also are nonbioengineered/non-G.M.O., Ingredion's Truetrace program provides for non-G.M.O. identity preservation and traceability that meets or exceeds the regulations in major markets worldwide, Ms. de Castro said. Non-G.M.O. corn has been processed continuously at Ingredion's Indianapolis plant since 1997. Ingredion soon should become more active in potato starches through a planned acquisition of Penford Corp., Centennial, Colo. Shareholders of Penford in January voted to approve the previously announced agreement and plan of merger with Ingredion. Boards of directors of both companies now have approved the transaction, which is valued at about $340 million in the aggregate. Penford Food Ingredients offers native starches in cookup and pre-gelatinized versions of potato, waxy rice, waxy corn and tapioca, said Sarah Are clean labels and G.M.O. ingredients compatible? N o Food and Drug Administration definition exists for "clean label." Whether clean label products may contain non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. ingredients may depend on the specific definitions of individual consumers, retailers, ingredient suppliers, and food and beverage companies. "For all the hype and increasing popularity of 'clean label' to both consumers and food companies, there remains a lack of consensus on how 'clean label' should be defined," said Mel Festejo, chief operating officer of American Key Food Products, Closter, N.J. "Given that AKFP is a distributor of food ingredients and has a more intimate understanding of how these ingredients are produced, the company has come to understand 'clean label' to mean ingredients that are processed from agricultural sources with no chemicals added to enhance or alter the ingredient's properties during processing." He said AKFP's operational definition of clean label extends to ingredients. "For finished food or beverage products, that definition can be applied to mean any finished product that contains only 'clean label' ingredients," Mr. Festejo said. "The definition does not touch on whether an ingredient is G.M.O. or not. I would posit that a food or beverage can be considered clean label even if it is not G.M.O.-free." Because of a current lack of regulations around labeling, consumers would not know if a product promoted for a clean label had G.M.O. ingredients in it, said Angelina de Castro, senior manager of Wholesome for Ingredion, Inc., Westchester, Ill. "A good example would be a tortilla chip that has three simple ingredients: corn, vegetable oil and salt," she said. "The product can make clean label claims such as 'made with real and simple ingredients,' 'no additives/preservatives,' etc. However, consumers would not know if the corn used was genetically modified or not - of course, unless the manufacturer makes a specific non-G.M.O. claim or includes a third-party seal such as The Non-GMO Project verification." Ingredion has achieved Non-GMO Project verification for more than 17 Novation functional native starches and Savory Flavors - Our Specialty All great food begins with a flavorful foundation and we believe that simplicity is the key to delivering great taste. We are culinary-focused and our products are made with the high-level of craftsmanship that you expect from Eatem Foods. We have a portfolio of flavor systems to meet your demands including products with these attributes: * Clean Label * Organic * Low-sodium * No MSG * No I&G * All Natural To learn more, please contact us by phone at 800.683.2836 or visit 2015 Eatem Foods, Co. 42 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® February 24, 2015

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Food Business News - February 24, 2015
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Food Business News - February 24, 2015