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Dairy Business News Yogurt The next generation Manufacturers are seeking the next big thing to dominate the dairy case iming is everything. Greek yogurt entered the U.S. marketplace when scientific research recognizing the benefits of a high-protein diet started emerging. Ten years earlier when the focus was on low-carb, Greek yogurt may have been a flop. Instead, it turned the refrigerated retail dairy case into a shopper's destination. Currently, savvy marketers are trying to be first to market with the next "it" yogurt. Some think it may be a new style or form, while others believe it will be decadent dessert formulations. WhiteWave Foods, Denver, for example, just started rolling out yulu Aussie Style Yogurt, giving the original Aussie brand, Noosa Finest Yoghurt, T 52 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® Bellvue, Colo., some competition. Australian-style yogurt is known for its velvety texture and creaminess as well as inclusion of large, identifiable pieces of fruit. Similar to Greek yogurt, it features a higher protein content and is typically made in small batches and sweetened with honey. Again, timing is everything. There's a growing consumer segment - those who want to hear about hand craftsmanship - that likely will find Aussiestyle yogurt appealing. The good news is the time is right for a variety of yogurt innovations. Its versatility as meal, snack and even dessert appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers, consumers who crave variety, along with enhanced nutrition. For example, to get the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic population on board with Greek yogurt, Grupo LaLa, a Mexican dairy doing business in the United States as Borden Dairy Co., Dallas, is introducing Greek yogurt cups and smoothies under its popular Hispanic dairy brand LaLa. Labels are bilingual as is its marketing campaign. Drinkable is often the preferred form for yogurt in Latin America. Grupo LaLa is the leader in the category in the United States and in many Latin American countries. "The time was right to get LaLa Greek into retail outlets, big and small, from the national chains to the neighborhood bodega," said Kristen Williams, brand manager for LaLa. "Greek yogurt is one of America's favorite protein-packed snacks, and our smoothies are the first drinkable Greek dairy product available nationwide." Functional appeal Yogurt's natural wholesomeness and nutrition appeal to a variety of consumers. It's a versatile product and adaptable to market trends. That's what manufacturers learned with Greek yogurt. Three important consumer segments - millennials, baby boomers and health-engaged and exercise-conscientious consumers - are driving growth in the functional food segment, according to the report, "Functional foods: Key trends and developments in ingredients" from Packaged Facts, Rockville, Md. As an inherent source of high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria, yogurt is considered one of the original functional foods and is a product that appeals to the three powerful consumer groups. Millennials are interested in optimizing their current health and preventing declining health in the future. They are more likely to seek foods fortified with calcium, fiber and vitamins and minerals, according to the report. In addition, millennials are driving the trend toward more frequent and healthier snacking. Desirable, healthier snack foods, such as yogurt, are those that millennials are comfortable selecting February 24, 2015

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Food Business News - February 24, 2015
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Food Business News - February 24, 2015