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Ingredient Week  Bakery Flour Bookings of bakery flour expanded modestly last week. Prices declined. Many flour buyers and sellers attended the Sosland Publishing Co. purchasing seminar early last week. But activity didn’t increase much after participants returned to their offices until Friday, when scattered bookings were indicated with some as far forward as January-March. Still, most bookings completed last week aimed to fill gaps in June-July coverage. Bakers were hopeful prices would weaken further with the advance of the winter wheat harvest, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture on June 9 raised its forecast for winter wheat production by 2%. At the same time, the U.S.D.A. forecast a smaller all-wheat supply in 2011-12 because of a reduction in its 2011 carryover estimate, which more than offset the increase in the all-wheat production forecast. Millers reported inquiry related to covering the millfeed component of prospective flour bookings into the fourth quarter, but the discussions failed to lead to significant business. Pan bread flour coverage for JulySeptember remained at about 35%. Flour grind averaged 5½ days in the Southwest, Upper Midwest and Northeast, about six in the Central states and five in the Southeast, Pacific Northwest and California. MBN family flour were seasonally sluggish last week. Home bakers were not expected to provide a boost to the market until around the start of the 2011-12 school year and into the fall baking season. In the market for private label flour, grocers and most other buyers earlier covered their flour needs through September, and some held ownership of at least a portion of their requirements for the fall baking season. Some mills were pre-packing supply for the baking season. This activity was expected to increase in coming weeks. MBN Semolina Sales of semolina, granulars and durum flour were next to nil last week. Prices took another leap upward to the highest levels since July 2008. The price of choice milling hard amber durum surged to $16.50 a bu, quoted as a delivered Chicago/beyond value, which equated to a Minneapolis price of $16.20. It was thought the price easily could continue to advance given horrible planting progress across the northern Plains and a lack of selling of old crop by producers and other durum owners. The Canadian Wheat Board offered milling durum held in storage in Thunder Bay, Ont., at the equivalent of $17 a bu. The U.S. Department of Agriculture indicated durum seeding in North Dakota was only 25% completed by June 5 compared with 94% as the recent fiveyear average for the date. Emergence was 12% versus 78% as the average. Montana durum planting was 65% completed compared with 92% as the average. Durum emergence in that state was 49% versus the average for the date at 76%. The Montana U.S.D.A. field office said, “Continued wet fields are hindering spring planting progress, but many farmers are still planning on moving forward with spring plantings if the conditions allow in the next few weeks.” Canadian producers in Saskatchewan reported progress in getting their seeding done, but Manitoba remained very wet. The desert harvest expanded across Arizona and California. The U.S.D.A. on June 9 projected the desert durum crop at 23,540,000 bus, up 345,000 bus from the May forecast and up 2,905,000 bus, or 14%, from 20,635,000 bus in 2010. While most new crop desert durum will move against previously concluded contracts with regional and foreign buyers, any surplus supply may be sought by other domestic mills. U.S. pasta makers held nearly solid coverage of their semolina needs through September, but durum mills were reluctant to offer supply for the fourth-quarter until the new crop supply situation becomes more certain. MBN Bakers standard, Kansas City Bulk, f.o.b. car, $ per cwt $26.00 $23.00 $20.00 $17.00 $14.00 $11.00 J S D Previous Year M Current Year Family Flour Sales of national and regional brands of Bakery flour Bulk, f.o.b. car, $ per cwt Kansas City Bakers short patent Bakers standard patent Second clear Third clear Minneapolis Spring short patent Spring standard patent High gluten Whole wheat Specialty whole wheat Fancy spring clear First spring clear Rye, white Chicago Cracker Fancy cake New York Winter/spring blend Spring standard patent High gluten Fancy cake Rye, white Los Angeles Bakers standard patent Pastry — Change from — Year June 10 June 3 May 27 ago 22.65 22.55 12.50 5.80 30.95 30.85 33.85 30.85 31.20 30.70 30.60 21.50 18.10 19.60 25.05 33.55 36.55 21.60 24.00 26.15 25.15 -1.00 -1.00 — — -0.95 -0.95 -0.95 -0.95 -0.95 -0.95 -0.95 -0.05 -0.35 -0.35 -1.00 -0.85 -0.85 -0.35 -0.05 -1.00 -1.00 -1.45 -1.45 — — -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 — -1.05 -1.05 -1.45 -0.05 -0.05 -1.05 — -1.45 -1.45 No. 1 hard amber durum Track, Minneapolis $ per bu June 10 Choice milling 13% 16.20 cents per bu 13.10 Amber discount 10.00 13.00 Durum discount 10@40 12.50 Puffing premium 0 5.80 — Change from — Year June 3 May 27 ago +2.50 +2.50 5.20 — — — — — — 10.00 10@40 0 Spring standard, Minneapolis Bulk, f.o.b. car, $ per cwt $33.00 $29.00 Semolina 15.95 15.85 18.85 15.85 16.20 15.70 15.60 15.75 12.50 14.00 15.50 18.10 21.10 16.00 18.25 14.50 16.10 Bulk, f.o.b. Minneapolis, $ per cwt — Change from — June 10 June 3 May 27 Semolina 39.40 +6.20 +6.25 Granulars 39.20 +6.20 +6.25 Flour 39.10 +6.20 +6.25 First clear 16.80 — — Second clear 11.00 — — Semolina - N.Y. 42.10 +6.20 +6.25 Year ago 13.60 13.40 13.30 12.55 11.00 16.30 $25.00 $21.00 $17.00 $13.00 J S D Previous Year M Current Year Cracker flour, Chicago Bulk, f.o.b. car, $ per cwt $22.00 $18.00 $14.00 $10.00 J S D Previous Year M Current Year Nationally advertised family flour Dollars June 10 Family patent, 2-25s papers 22.04 4-10s n.a. 8-5s 16.96 18-2s 19.14 Self-rising n.a. Year ago 22.50 18.25 18.40 21.76 +88c per bale 34 / June 14, 2011 Milling & Baking News /

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