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Last hope for Doha Round not becoming non-Round huge measure of optimism, yes even W.T.O. negotiators that would allow the Round to unreality, is required to allow any hope be completed successfully. Although fingers may be that the goal of successfully concluding the pointed at a number of intransigent nations in regard Doha Round of trade negotiations will be achieved to accepting expanded market access, it is the United by this year’s end. At earlier times in the past ten States that still has the power to provide leadership. years that these negotiations have been conducted It has not done that in the way that could be hoped, under auspices of the World Trade Organization such held back by the fierce politics affecting economic failure would have been unthinkable. But as the years decisions in America. have passed with little or no progress at all evident, Both agricultural and non-agricultural issues maintaining positive expectations had become less center on the degree to which some of the newlyand less reasonable. Now, with little more than six prospering developing nations are willing to accept months remaining for the deadline set by the political trade liberalization. This has stood stubbornly in leaders of the nations making up the W.T.O., it seems the way of broad-scale accords. Lack of progress not just likely, but inevitable, that Doha Round on any number of specific sectors related to market negotiations will simply run out. That will happen access, as well as disagreements on many technical without accomplishing anything to liberalize trade matters stand as high, if not insurmountable, in agricultural commodities or barriers to the conclusion that It seems not just likely, but in non-agricultural products has long been dreamed of for inevitable, that Doha Round that had become the final the Doha Round. negotiations will simply run out. stumbling block. When it comes to grainIn contemplating such a based foods, this disastrous disastrous result, it is unnecessary to look further non-Round may seem far removed from companies than the choice of the phrase “non-Round” to denote and executives doing business defined by boundaries that possibility, by Pascal Lamy, director-general far narrower than those with an international of the W.T.O. and an unrelenting advocate of the scope. That is doubly so when products like bread importance of the Doha Round succeeding. With are marketed within a relatively limited region increasing fervor, Mr. Lamy has warned about the seemingly unaffected by international trade. But terrible consequences of failure. He has emphasized such a constricted perception overlooks the way “the costs of the non-Round to the world economy as international trade directly affects many, if not all, well as to the development prospects of members, in of the food industry’s ingredient costs as well as particular the smaller and least developed, which are much of its capital requirements. Liberalizing trade dependent on an improved set of global trade rules.” is the surest way to open markets to gain the benefits He has further stressed the need to understand “the from transparency as well as the global marketplace. consequences of the non-Round to the multilateral Many of the surprises faced by grain-based foods in trading system which we have so patiently built over the past year would have been different if the new the last 70 years.” trade rules envisioned by the original Doha Round As a constant and earnest believer in liberalizing negotiations had been in place. Export embargoes trade as a way to improve the functioning of the on wheat, which played such a powerful role in world economy, this page considers what seems a skyrocketing wheat prices, would have been limited, nearly inevitable failure to be unacceptable. It has if not disallowed, by the new trade rules. Yes, it is been particularly disappointing that the Obama late in this 10-year process, but the potential rewards administration has refrained from pushing for for success are so great that it is unthinkable not to resolution of the many disagreements among work to attain it. MBN MORTON SOSLAND, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WE’RE EAGER TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK: E-mail or write to us at Milling & Baking News, 4800 Main Street, Suite 100, Kansas City, Mo, 64112 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief Morton I. Sosland Executive editor, markets Neil N. Sosland Editor L. Joshua Sosland Senior editor, markets Jay S. Sjerven Managing editor Eric J. Schroeder Associate editor Jeff Gelski Assistant editor Ron Sterk Internet editor Allison Gibeson Graphic designer, market graphics, data Christina Sullivan A PUBLISHING STAFF Chairman Charles S. Sosland Vice-chairman L. Joshua Sosland President and publisher Mark Sabo Associate publisher G. 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