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Advertisement BAKER GIVES "STARTING FROM SCRATCH" A NEW MEANING Industry Activities modest business - Salim Group is the largest business conglomerate in Indonesia. Salim also owns PT Bogasari, a large flour mill in Jakarta. Mr. Harvey said Interflour, which was established in 2004-05, has been growing rapidly. "Our growth has not been extraordinary," he said. "It's pretty typical of a milling company in Southeast Asia." If the roster of milling companies in Southeast Asia is diffuse, the same may be said even more strongly of the customer base, Mr. Harvey said. Interflour has more than 3,000 individual customers. "A very hands-on sales force is needed," he said. "The ability to 'pick up the cash' is key. It isn't a market conducive yet to electronic transfer. Bribery and corruption are a challenge, but it is improving as development improves. Internal audit is crucial." Other challenges described by Mr. Harvey include access to capital, the lack of access to domestic wheat supplies, foreign exchange management (for instance, the currencies of Turkey and Indonesia have been two of the weakest global currencies versus the dollar) and the threat of major milling companies as competition. "Consolidation of the global wheat supply chain is a concern," Mr. Harvey said. "It makes everyone in the milling industry uneasy." Asked about whether demand in the region is limited to white flour, Mr. Harvey said demand for whole wheat flour is very limited. "Asian cultures, they love just 'Snow White' flour," he said. "Any hint of something off-white is perceived as bad for you." He said as the middle class and wealthy travel, they will gradually discover "whole meal" bread. MBN AIB names new director of food safety services innovation MANHATTAN, KAS. - Lance Reeve has been named director of food safety services innovation at AIB International. He succeeds Stephanie Lopez, who recently was promoted to president of AIBI Certification Services. In his new role, Mr. Reeve is part of a global executive leadership team providing research in emerging food safety issues, speaking at key industry events, and contributing to technical publications. On a day-to-day basis, he oversees new product development, facilitates cross-functional team participation and monitors breaking food safety advancements or failures. "One of the key functions of the innovation group is to be on the leading edge of new trends, including regulatory changes, scientific breakthroughs, best practices and consumer-driven developments," said Andre Biane, president and chief executive officer of AIB International. "Our aim is to identify areas where the food and beverage industry needs support, and develop products and services that help them meet their new challenges. "In a short period of time Lance has demonstrated strong leadership and set priorities for 2015. He has also / cross-functionally aligned priorities and resources within the organization. As director, innovation, his role will also expand to include innovation for baking and food technical services." Mr. Reeve joined AIB International in 1994 and has held a variety of roles, including food safety auditor, project coordinator, director of food defense, and most recently global innovation manager. The innovation group began last month with a new product launch. On Nov. 3, the F.S.M.A. Awareness Webinar Series was released. These recorded webinars provide viewers from the global food, beverage and distribution industry with insight into the key elements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. "AIB has been flooded with F.S.M.A.-related questions in recent months, and the industry is scrambling to understand how the new regulations apply to them in expectation of the final rules that are set to release in 2015," Mr. Reeve said. "Our experts have read and interpreted the rules and grouped all of the relevant information into eight easy-to-understand webinars that give viewers a concise interpretation of how the changes apply to them." MBN I ndependent baker Fred Piechocki comes from a proud family of bakers. However, during the Great Depression, his grandfather, Stanley, and father, Edward, lost their bakery. As a result, this third generation baker had no recipes or business to carry on. So what did Fred do? He started his bakery from scratch. In 1979, Fred opened The Cakery Bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ten years later, he moved to Warrington, Pennsylvania, where he and longtime friend, Henry Stoughton, opened the Warrington Pastry Shop. Fred describes his business as a European style, traditional bakery where products are baked from scratch every day. Best known for the 60 to 100 decorated cakes it produces a week, Warrington Pastry Shop also turns out 10 to 15 wedding cakes a weekend during prime wedding season. It is also well known for Danish, regular cakes, cupcakes, butter cakes, cinnamon buns and donuts. "My greatest accomplishment is to consistently produce a high-quality product," said Fred. International® Bakers Services has played a key role in maintaining this quality. "When I started out, I received a sample of International® Bakers Services B&V® and I have used IBS flavors ever since," Fred recalled. His bakery also uses chocolate, banana, rum, coconut and hazelnut flavors. "I am very happy with IBS products," Fred stated. "They are easy to use, very consistent and economical. Most importantly, the flavors hold up." "Using ingredients that will keep product quality high will make you proud to be an independent baker," Fred advised. If you value consistent quality, you should get to know International® Bakers Services. Contact us toll-free at (800) 3457175, by fax at (574) 287-7161, or in writing at 1902 North Sheridan Ave., South Bend, Indiana 46628. We have the flavors your customers deserve. Milling & Baking News December 9, 2014 / 29

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Milling & Baking News - December 9, 2014
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