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Ingredient Market Trends Weekly Spotlight Grain volume requirements for Canadian railroads extended he Canadian transportation and agriculture ministries - Transport Canada and Agriculture and AgriFood Canada - on Nov. 29 extended minimum grain volume requirements that must be met by the Canadian National Railway Company (C.N.) and the Canadian Pacific Railway T grain from Nov. 30-Dec. 20, 2014; 200,000 tonnes of grain from Dec. 21, 2014, to Jan. 3, 2015; 325,000 tonnes from Jan. 4-Feb. 21, 2015; 345,000 tonnes from Feb. 22-March 21, 2015, and 465,000 tonnes from March 22-March 28. If a railroad fails to comply with the volume requirements, it may Company (C.P.) until March 28, 2015. The ministries said the measure, initially introduced in March 2014, would help maintain Canada's reputation as a reliable supplier to world markets. The Canadian government for the past several months has placed volume requirements on the railroads that were designed to move the remainder of last year's crop along with this year's crop and ensure the grain supply chain returns to "normal operations." Gerry Ritz, agriculture minister, and Lisa Raitt, transport minister, in announcing the extension of the volume requirement, said they expected the railroads to provide reliable and predictable service to all shippers, all destinations, and throughout all corridors in accordance with the obligations as common carriers. Minister Ritz said, "Our government continues to act to ensure that grain and all commodities get to market in a timely manner. We continue to call on all parties in the grain supply-chain to work together to ensure the efficient movement of grain to markets through the winter." The extended requirements obligate each of the two national railroad companies to ship 345,000 tonnes of incur penalties of up to C$100,000 per violation. The requirement for railways to report on demand and volume remains in effect. The ministries said to further support the efficiency of the grain supply chain, the government expects both the C.N. and the C.P. to submit formal winter contingency plans to the government. The plans were expected to include service plans for producer car loaders and short-line railways for the remainder of the crop year. Railroads also will be expected to provide information on car order fulfillment by corridor, including the placement of rail cars at producer car-loading sites and along short line railways to the Grain Monitor. It was uncertain whether the volume requirements will benefit U.S. buyers of Canadian grain. The U.S. agricultural trade office in Canada a month ago indicated that to fulfill the volume requirements, the railroads tended to concentrate on their most efficient corridors, which run east and west from the Prairies to export elevators on the coasts as opposed to south to the United States, especially in view of ongoing rail logistical problems on this side of the border. MBN Indexes Saltine Cracker Ingredients Bagel Ingredients Price Indicators 2 3 THIS LAST WEEKS WEEKS WEEK WEEK AGO AGO Pan-bread flour Wheat futures, K.C., December Hard winter premiums, 12.2% protein Millfeed, K.C., 30-day Soybean oil Cane sugar Cocoa / News 33 / July 3, 2007 Milling & Baking Milling & / 33 Baking News December 9, 2014 /

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Milling & Baking News - December 9, 2014
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Milling & Baking News - December 9, 2014