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BBQ red hot Low & slow is From the competition circuit to foodservice menus and retail shelves, barbecue’s popularity is SMOKIN’ B arbecue is the nation’s passion, Barbecue is a festival, a competi- and it has never been bigger. It is tion and even a TV show. Barbecue is perhaps mankind’s oldest method of a Southern Pride commercial smoker cookery. It’s difficult to measure the on a trailer and a Weber Smokey Joe barbecue industry’s size because it is grill from Lowe’s. Barbecue is a hob- so many things, but the dollar figure by for many, a career for many others contains many zeros. and a business strategy for meat and Barbecue is slow-cooked brisket, pork shoulder, spare ribs and chicken poultry processors, foodservice operators and retail outlets. thighs with bite-through skin. And it is Former National Football League de- tard and profiles ranging from tangy fensive end Al “Bubba” Baker used to to sweet to sweat-inducing hot. It is feast on quarterbacks, earning a repu- rubs containing brown sugar, chili tation for sacking signal callers. But nowadays, Baker focuses on barbecue the subtle bark on the first bite and and has racked up a reputation for of- the memorable savory flavor follow- The experts vinegar, molasses, ketchup and mus- powder and paprika that help form by Larry ayLward carefully crafted sauce, with blends of fering some of the best fare in Ohio. ing the last bite. Baker, who spent 13 years in the Barbecue is even quickly cooked burgers and hot dogs on a backyard restaurant and catering business in grill, slowly cooked ribs from a Kansas Avon, Ohio, that features traditional City rib joint and microwaved pulled Southern-style barbecue cuisine. Bak- pork inside a home in small town, USA. 16 NFL, is proprietor of Bubba’s-Q, a er was named to three Pro Bowls and • Meat&Poultry • June 2013 •

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Meat&Poultry - June 2013
Table of Contents
Commentary - Now, we're cookin'
Business Notes - China’s Shuanghui makes bid for Smithfield
JBS posts $112.8M in Q1 earnings
COOL opponents vow to press on
Triumph Foods to expand pork facility
Hormel income dips on Jennie-O results, acquisitions
Washington - What’s in a name?
BBQ Report - Low & slow is red hot
BBQ Report - Carnivorous curriculum
Packaging Solutions - Consistency counts
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Small but savvy
Rooted in meat
Pushing pests out
Sanitation Tips - Usual suspects
CEO Series - Fit to lead
Ingredient Solutions - Meat makeover
Meat Perspectives - HAACP and more
From the Corral - STUNNING evidence
Names in the News
New Product Showcase
Classified Advertising
The Insider

Meat&Poultry - June 2013