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Business Notes Boyle to step down from AMI leadership J. Patrick Boyle, CEO and presi- and ultimately eliminate E. coli O157:H7 in raw ground tute, announced he will step down beef and Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat products. at the end of 2013 after 24 years of During his tenure, AMI said, the Foundation’s research service in the meat and poultry in- and education programs have made substantial contribu- dustry. Boyle is the longest-serving tions towards the food-safety progress that is evidenced by president in AMI’s 107-year history. J. Patrick Boyle in the early 1990s. The Foundation’s mission is to reduce dent of the American Meat Insti- the declining levels of bacteria on many meat and poul- A search is underway for a successor. try products. “It has been an honor and a privilege to lead this great During Boyle’s tenure, AMI formally petitioned the industry for more than two decades,” Boyle said. “With USDA to require nutrition labels on meat and poultry the organization in a sound position to meet the challenges products and to promulgate a regulation requiring that of the future and given the many accomplishments of the meat and poultry plants implement Hazard Analysis and last two decades, this year seemed like an appropriate time Critical Control Points or HACCP-based food-safety con- for me to move onto another phase of my professional life.” trols, AMI said. USDA subsequently issued final regula- Before joining AMI in 1990, Boyle served as adminis- tions on both proposals. trator of the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Agricultural Mar- “Under Patrick’s 24 years of leadership, AMI has been keting Service. Before that, he was an attorney at several an influential voice for the meat and poultry industry suc- food-trade associations and was an agricultural legislative cessfully addressing numerous public policy challenges,” assistant to former Sen. Pete Wilson (R-Calif.). said AMI Chairman Nick Meriggioli, president of Kraft Boyle joined the Institute before the meat and poultry Foods Inc./Oscar Mayer. “He has led AMI’s efforts that industry faced some of its most notable challenges. He have enhanced the safety of our products, the protection led the re-establishment of the AMI Foundation when of our workers, the welfare of our animals and the pres- E. coli O157:H7 emerged as a new pathogen of concern ervation of our environment.” Cobb-Vantress strengthens position in China Siloam Springs, Ark.-based broiler breeder Cobb-Vantress awareness of food safety. Also, international foodservice announced the company signed a joint venture agreement providers are looking for more rigorous supply chains and with Hubei Tong Xing Agriculture Co. Ltd., an integrat- companies with the right poultry genetics. ed chicken producer based in China. The deal will give “Tong Xing has been one of our customers for the past Cobb-Vantress a majority stake in the business, which will four years and we’re excited at this opportunity to work produce and sell parent stock. closer together in this joint venture,” Moye said. “They Under the agreement, $35 million will be invested toward establishing grandparent farm and hatchery facilities are located in an area of China with a low chicken population, yet it’s very accessible with good transport links. in the city of Suizhou in Hubei province, west of Shang- “This represents a very significant step forward for hai, to start producing parent stock early in 2015. Cobb Cobb to get a foot on the ground in China. Our strategy will own an 85 percent share in the joint venture com- has been to develop relationships with our customers di- pany, officially named Hubei Tong Xing Cobb Breeding rectly in the major world markets like the US, Brazil and Company. Tong Xing will own the other 15 percent. The European Union,” Moye explained. “The time is right company will have an initial production target of five- to enter China. We believe that in conjunction with our million parents a year. existing partner BPBC, located in the north near Bei- Jerry Moye, president of Cobb-Vantress, said China’s poultry industry is showing signs of maturity and a growing 10 • Meat&Poultry • August 2013 • jing, Cobb will be in a great position to build up volume across the country.”

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Meat&Poultry - August 2013
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Commentary - Beyond foodies
Business Notes - Boyle to step down from AMI leadership
Cobb-Vantress strengthens position in China
Pilgrim’s Pride earnings surge in Q2
Arson suspected in Valley Meat Co. fire
Northern Beef Packers lays off workers
New issues arise around Smithfield/Shuanghui deal
Washington - Horse slaughter storm rages on
Legends of Deli
Deli Report
Gluten-free Growth
Deli packaging dynamics
Competitive edge
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Wild about turkey!
Cargill turkey operations gets new president
Tricks of the trade
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Listeria alert
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Show Preview - Packing 'em in
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Meat&Poultry - August 2013