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CARGILL TURKEY Mike Shanholtz, has been with Cargill multi-tiered cages are delivered to the for 38 years and our engineer, Troy Dayton complex. Once on site, the Oberdorff, has been with Cargill 25 trucks enter one of two newly built, years – about 17 of those years at the shaded, ventilated holding buildings Dayton complex.” for arrival processing. Next, the trucks Now on his second tour at the Dayton complex, Batson was operations Long-time Cargill veteran executive Ruth Kimmelshue was named president and business unit leader for Cargill Value Added Meats-Retail (CVAM-Retail), Wichita, Kan., on June 1. She is responsible for Cargill’s turkey operations and cooked meats businesses. Before joining CVAM-Retail, she was president of Cargill Salt and vice president, Cargill AgHorizons – Cargill’s oldest business. Her Cargill career began in 1986, thanks to the Continental Grain acquisition. Most of Kimmelshue’s career was spent in the grain and oilseed businesses trading, managing elevators, managing domestic and international product lines (corn, wheat and soy meal), analyzing markets and exploring opportunities in value-added marketing at various locations in the US and in Europe. She also managed Supply Chain Solutions, an internal consulting organization that brings supply chain capabilities and support to Cargill’s global businesses. Kimmelshue earned both a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Agricultural Economics from Stanford Univ. She lives in Wichita with her husband and three children. 50 a dock where the cages on the truck manager there for seven years. After Cargill turkey operations gets new president transporting tom turkeys park inside are sealed and then administered the that stint he became general manager CO2 treatment. at a Cargill cook plant and returned to This controlled-atmosphere stun- the Dayton complex as general man- ning (CAS) system employs a multi- ager two years ago. step cycling of carbon dioxide to Initially built by Spencer Products render the birds insensible. Quick- in 1950, the complex was next owned ly stunning the tom turkeys on the by Marvel from 1957 to 1981; Roc- truck eliminates handling active co Turkeys from 1981 to 2001; and birds, which improves animal wel- Cargill Value Added Meats-Retail fare and product quality. According purchased it in 2001. Over the years, to Praxair, the system results in less the complex has been upgraded and wing, leg and thigh damage than ac- expanded numerous times. Today, it tive shackled birds, and less bruising measures 327,000 sq. ft. and process- in breast meat compared to electri- es whole birds and portions, as well as cally stunned birds. further processed ground turkey and The toms are then shackled, cut, turkey burgers, among other products. bled, scalded and defeathered before It focuses primarily on products un- evisceration. Hens are shackled live der Cargill’s Shady Brook Farms and and electrically stunned before mov- Honeysuckle White brands, but also ing through the harvesting process. produces a variety of value-added, private-label products. “We’ve used this CO2 stunning system for about two years,” Batson says. “We’re very happy with it; it’s a High-tech stunning very humane stunning process.” In harvesting its big tom turkeys, the complex employs Praxair’s CO2 con- Cutting-edge processing trolled-atmosphere stunning. Begin- The complex’s primary plant was built ning at 5:05 a.m. each day, harvest- in 1988, while further-processing op- ing is a two-shift operation that ends erations are located in 12 surround- at 10 p.m. Toms are raised in North ing buildings built between 1961 and Carolina while hens are grown with- 2012. Operations include harvesting in a 60-mile radius of the complex and fresh processing; whole bird; cut- in Virginia and West Virginia. Birds ting; deboning; tray pack; cutlets; and start getting picked up on farms at 11 further processing, where ground tur- p.m. the night before harvesting and key and turkey sausage are made. The begin arriving at the plant early the plant employs approximately 1,180 next morning. people. Deboning runs one shift per Each day, approximately 75 large day while the remaining operations semi-truckloads of turkeys housed in operate two shifts per day. A night- • Meat&Poultry • August 2013 •

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Meat&Poultry - August 2013
Table of Contents
Commentary - Beyond foodies
Business Notes - Boyle to step down from AMI leadership
Cobb-Vantress strengthens position in China
Pilgrim’s Pride earnings surge in Q2
Arson suspected in Valley Meat Co. fire
Northern Beef Packers lays off workers
New issues arise around Smithfield/Shuanghui deal
Washington - Horse slaughter storm rages on
Legends of Deli
Deli Report
Gluten-free Growth
Deli packaging dynamics
Competitive edge
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Wild about turkey!
Cargill turkey operations gets new president
Tricks of the trade
Sanitation Tips - Equipment selection
Listeria alert
Small Business Matters - On a mission
Show Preview - Packing 'em in
From the Corral - Relieving painful practices
Product Showcase
Names in the News
Classified Advertising
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Meat&Poultry - August 2013