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Tricks of the trade The right equipment and chemicals plus a trained team equals sanitation success BY KIMBERLIE CLYMA C leaning and sanitation are vital processes in any food- In most food-processing facilities, cleaning solutions production facility. If the production environment is are applied as foam. The foam should be allowed to sit on not clean and sanitary, then it will be impossible to produce the surface, but not allowed to dry. Foaming is followed food products that are safe and wholesome. Unfortunate- by hand scrubbing all surfaces with a suitable scrub pad ly, there is no magical potion that can clean and sanitize or brush. Finally, all traces of detergent should be rinsed every corner of a meat and poultry plant. away with potable water. Essentials for effective sanitation are a trained sanita- Once all surfaces have been cleaned and all traces of tion crew and supervisors, and appropriate sanitation tools, detergent have been rinsed away, they should be inspected cleaning and sanitation chemicals and personal protective and where necessary, re-cleaned. Periodically, it may be equipment (PPE). The sanitation team should have access necessary to clean equipment with an acid cleaner, such to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and be trained in as Birko’s Fomacid, Displace or Shine-a-Line, to prevent the safe handling of the products they are using. the buildup of mineral scales that can harbor bacteria.   The fi rst step in the sanitation process is always dry The fi nal step in the sanitation process is to apply an pick up, which includes removing all unused raw mate- appropriate no-rinse sanitizer to all surfaces. Chemistries rials and packaging from the processing floor. All trash, used for sanitation include sodium hypochlorite (10-Chlor), and as much food residue as possible, should be picked up quaternary ammonium compounds (Quadra-Quat, Ul- manually. At this time, water-sensitive equipment, such tra Quat and Bi-Quat) and peroxyacetic acid BIRK-OX. as control panels, should be shrouded with plastic. Next, Whichever chemicals are used, it is important they are wash down all surfaces from the top down and from the mixed and applied exactly as specified on the label, and perimeter of the room toward a central drain. remain on the surface for the specified contact time. After the wash down is completed, all surfaces should Cleaning compounds are an unavoidable expense in be cleaned with detergent. There are many products avail- the sanitation process. The right combination of cleaning able and it is recommended that you partner with a chemi- compounds, sanitizers and the proper equipment are vi- cal supplier to determine the best cleaning products for tal to performing cleaning tasks properly. Chemical costs your facility. Henderson, Colo.-based Birko offers a vari- can be reduced if care is taken to use the correct amounts ety of sanitation products including Liquik 4, Liquik 30, of cleaning solutions to perform each task. ■ Foam Chlor 535 and CL33. Chemicals should be mixed according to manufacturer directions and as described in your SSOPs (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures).  58 • Meat&Poultry • August 2013 • M&Ps Sanitation Tips are to be used only as guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing processing facilities. Specific issues and questions should be addressed by a sanitation crew supervisor.

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Meat&Poultry - August 2013
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Commentary - Beyond foodies
Business Notes - Boyle to step down from AMI leadership
Cobb-Vantress strengthens position in China
Pilgrim’s Pride earnings surge in Q2
Arson suspected in Valley Meat Co. fire
Northern Beef Packers lays off workers
New issues arise around Smithfield/Shuanghui deal
Washington - Horse slaughter storm rages on
Legends of Deli
Deli Report
Gluten-free Growth
Deli packaging dynamics
Competitive edge
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Wild about turkey!
Cargill turkey operations gets new president
Tricks of the trade
Sanitation Tips - Equipment selection
Listeria alert
Small Business Matters - On a mission
Show Preview - Packing 'em in
From the Corral - Relieving painful practices
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Meat&Poultry - August 2013