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Commentary by Joel crews, editor beyond foodies O n the road again in July, I was blends that he made in small batches Bruce and Nancy. Their zest and com- honored to spend time in sun- out of his then very modest home. I mitment for all things food constitutes drenched Healdsburg, Calif., with heard how the struggling chef start- not only the fiber of their careers, but Bruce Aidells at the house he claims ed with $25 and grew his business is the backdrop for their busy travel his former sausage company built, af- and ultimately sold it for millions af- schedules and spawns a steady de- ter he sold it to an investment group in ter enduring many hard knocks and mand for personal appearances all 2002. On a Sunday morning, Bruce investing countless hours. He talked, over the world, cooking demonstra- welcomed me to his jaw-dropping too, about how he recently finished tions, photo and video shoots at their home, overlooking vineyards and qui- an aggressive book tour, promoting home and plenty of media inquiries. et pastures, where we talked about his his latest publishing project, “The After I marveled at the quality of career, the success and eventual sale of Great Meat Cookbook,” and we dis- the meal Nancy created that after- his sausage company, the meat indus- cussed how different cookbook writ- noon, Bruce summed up her moti- try today, culinary trends and life in ing is today compared to the last one vation and admitted to subscribing to the foodservice industry among many he published in the mid-90s. He then it himself: “She loves to feed people other things. We even went into his discussed, and still seems surprised, really great food,” he said proudly. specially designed sausage kitchen, but not exactly flattered, that the lat- Just minutes before that, he took great where we mixed and ground a batch est owner of the Aidells Sausage line, pride in sharing with me some break- of sausage links and sausage patties. Hillshire Brands, continues to use his fast sausage (cooked in a heavy cast- For a meathead like me, this was the name and face on every package sold. iron skillet) he crafted in his sausage equivalent of hanging out on the driv- Later in the afternoon Bruce’s wife, kitchen that day, chased with thick ing range with Jack Nicklaus or play- Chef Nancy Oakes, co-owner of San slices of uncured bacon he recently ing catch with Nolan Ryan. Francisco’s Boulevard Restaurant and developed for another processor. He I listened to stories from a man who a world-renown chef, plucked fresh couldn’t wait to share these creations. started out selling sausage and spice ingredients from the couple’s patio- It reminded me that the tens of thou- side herb garden and created a chick- sands of people who work in the meat en-based Mexican casserole dish on and poultry industry must surely have the stovetop that was nothing short a little bit of that pride in feeding peo- of award-winning – all under the roof ple that I saw in Nancy and Bruce. of a Greene Brothers-inspired home Sharing, teaching and telling the with a kitchen that was designed by the story behind amazing food is the fu- husband-and-wife chefs and equipped ture and always has been the back- like an upscale commercial kitchen. bone of the meat and poultry indus- Aidells is adamant about food, cre- Nancy, culinary stewards who love of ingredients and sourcing the best feeding people and who practice and suppliers. He remains very connected preach all that is good in the food in- to the culinary world and frequently dustry, was more than inspiring. It works with farmers and ranchers. He served as a reminder that at the core regularly consults with food compa- of most food-business professionals is nies and processors, all involved in a a server’s spirit and an innate yearn- business he and his wife have built ing to create memorable experiences their lives around. Referring to them with other people through the sharing as “foodies” doesn’t begin to describe 8 try. Spending the day with Bruce and ating flavors, finding the perfect blend of food made with passion. ■ • Meat&Poultry • August 2013 •

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Meat&Poultry - August 2013
Table of Contents
Commentary - Beyond foodies
Business Notes - Boyle to step down from AMI leadership
Cobb-Vantress strengthens position in China
Pilgrim’s Pride earnings surge in Q2
Arson suspected in Valley Meat Co. fire
Northern Beef Packers lays off workers
New issues arise around Smithfield/Shuanghui deal
Washington - Horse slaughter storm rages on
Legends of Deli
Deli Report
Gluten-free Growth
Deli packaging dynamics
Competitive edge
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Wild about turkey!
Cargill turkey operations gets new president
Tricks of the trade
Sanitation Tips - Equipment selection
Listeria alert
Small Business Matters - On a mission
Show Preview - Packing 'em in
From the Corral - Relieving painful practices
Product Showcase
Names in the News
Classified Advertising
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Meat&Poultry - August 2013