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From the Corral BY DR. TEMPLE GRANDIN Relieving painful practices cedure would cause additional stress short nozzle. The livestock industry from handling the animals twice. In needs to work on getting this gel ap- a dairy, it is easy to handle the calf a proved in the US. second time because it is already restrained in a small pen. On a ranch, Jan Bowers discussed the need to dif- twice. In Australia, the Bayer Com- O Fear vs. discomfort a wild calf would have to be caught ferentiate different types of distressful pany has won formal drug approval sensations so that better treatments n the farm, a major welfare con- for use of this pain-relief product on can be devised. There is fear, the feel- cern is painful practices such as various livestock. ing of being sick and in pain. Pain has castration and dehorning. At the Aus- The secret to creating a local anes- two dimensions – acute pain and in- tralian Veterinary Association Con- thetic that can be applied at the time flammatory pain. Inflammatory pain ference in Cairns, Australia, Peter of the surgery was mixing two local may be a response to an anti-inflam- Windsor from the Univ. of Sydney anesthetics with a gooey, sticky gel. matory drug such as Meloxicam. presented exciting findings on a prod- The mixture also contains an anti- Fear and the feeling of being sick uct that can be used to relieve pain septic and epinephrine, which helps are two different things. Normally, after castration and dehorning. His reduce blood loss. The gel was the animals that receive a shock in a cer- product would make it much more secret to its success because after the tain location will avoid entering that practical to provide pain relief after product is applied, it sticks to the cut place. This is called contextural con- castration or dehorning of beef cattle surfaces and stays on. ditioning. Contextural conditioning and sheep. Three measurements of pain re- will occur if cattle are handled roughly A major disadvantage of local an- lief were recorded – thermography the first time they go in a corral. They esthetics for beef cattle is that it takes (which is how hot the wound is), a may resist going back into the “bad” 10 to 15 minutes for an injection of lo- pressure test and rate of healing. The place in the future because it was as- cal anesthetics to numb the area. On a gel improved all of these measure- sociated with a painful experience. dairy, a two-step procedure is easy to ments. The product requires no skill The nasty feeling of being sick is do because the calves are kept in small to apply and it is applied with a device not subject to contextural condition- pens. On a beef ranch, a two-step pro- that looks like a drenching gun with a ing. When either an animal or person has fever and chills, they want to rest and get away. In the wild, it would be counterproductive for an animal to avoid a safe hiding place when it got sick. Contextural conditioning in this situation would cause it to be more likely to get eaten by predators. This shows that the feeling of being sick is very different than fear. ■ Dr. Temple Grandin operates Grandin Livestock Systems Inc., Fort Collins, Colo., and is a faculty member in the animal science department at Colorado State Univ. 80 • Meat&Poultry • August 2013 •

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Meat&Poultry - August 2013
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Commentary - Beyond foodies
Business Notes - Boyle to step down from AMI leadership
Cobb-Vantress strengthens position in China
Pilgrim’s Pride earnings surge in Q2
Arson suspected in Valley Meat Co. fire
Northern Beef Packers lays off workers
New issues arise around Smithfield/Shuanghui deal
Washington - Horse slaughter storm rages on
Legends of Deli
Deli Report
Gluten-free Growth
Deli packaging dynamics
Competitive edge
Meat Processing Operations & Engineering - Wild about turkey!
Cargill turkey operations gets new president
Tricks of the trade
Sanitation Tips - Equipment selection
Listeria alert
Small Business Matters - On a mission
Show Preview - Packing 'em in
From the Corral - Relieving painful practices
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Meat&Poultry - August 2013