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BEEF FLAVOR Joel Crews Savory influence Understanding the dynamics of beef flavor 20 I s any wine connoisseur will attest, the factors influencing the taste and texture of a sought-after cabernet or chardonnay are many, including the type of grapes to the region and climate the grapes are grown to the age of the wine. Similarly, the flavor of beef is the culmination of many factors. Chefs, food scientists and processing equipment engineers are all able to wield considerable influence in manipulating the flavor of beef in their respective stages of food production and preparation. In many cases, however, all of the technology, classical training and ingredient innovations cannot begin to trump the flavor attributes established in beef long before it reaches the plate or retail shelf. The impact of breed, grading designation and feeding practices may easily overshadow steps taken during processing, butchering, seasoning and cooking methods. Some of the inherent characteristics of beef catapult eaters past a mere tastebased experience to the more refined realm of savory flavors, thanks to its color, aroma, texture, juiciness and mouthfeel. Umami (pronounced “oo-mah-ee) taste, or the fifth taste, in the palates of carnivores is the bull’s-eye when A CULINOLOGY I MAY/JUNE 2011

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Culinology - May/June 2011
WELCOME - RCA welcomes Sosland Publishing Co. as new CULINOLOGY ® magazine publisher
Fast-casual segment sets the restaurant sales pace
Local, regional claims appearing on more menus
GLUTEN FREE - Specialized menu management
CALORIES - Counting calories
BEEF FLAVOR - Savory infl uence
COST MANAGEMENT - Menu cost management
2011 SHOW SHOTS - RCA Annual Conference & Culinology Expo
N.R.A. WINNERS - ‘And the winners are …’

Culinology - May/June 2011