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PRESIDENT'S letter Best job competition Catherine Proper CEC, President Research Chefs Association BOARD MEMBERS --------- PRESIDENT Catherine Proper CEC Senior Director Product Development/QA, Supervalu VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Cowles CCS National Account Manager, SugarCreek TREASURER Paul Rockwell CEC, CFS Executive R&D Chef, Diversified Foods & Seasonings SECRETARY Jason Behrends CCS, Ph.D R&D Director of PDM Business Strategy Tyson Foods, Inc. BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE ----- Mark Hughes President Anderson Partners Food Ingredient Marketing 4| Culinology | JUNE 2016 I always say that I have the best job in the room. Let's be honest, I get paid to eat. That is definitely an enviable gig. I can further support my brazen claim by highlighting that I get exposure to the entire grocery store's breadth of products. For a product developer, this is nearly nirvana. My calendar from last week included product cuttings ranging from olive line extensions and flavored kefir milk to stuffed crust pizza, organic cauliflower, cheesecake, bone broth and tea popsicles. Beyond food, I also have the responsibility for private brand non-food products resulting in product cuttings of low-splash bleach, odor neutralizer gel beads, tampons, turmeric supplements and latex gloves. Within the world of product development, the pinnacle of pride for a developer is seeing the product they developed on the shelf, menu, web site or any venue that supports the merchandising of their Culinology talents. Based on that notion, I reiterate: I have the best job in the room! As you work your way through this issue of Culinology I hope you are inspired to think about why you have one of the coolest jobs around. You may not be working specifically on an ethnic cuisine project right now, like the on-trend Japanese dishes on page 8, but there is always stimulation that can be drawn from ethnic flavor profiles, indigenous cooking techniques and cultural cuisines. Your product development bench is the starting point for drawing global ingenuity into product formulations and processing techniques. But don't stop there - grab some ancient grains (see page 20) toss in some smoke (see page 12) and smile with pride when you see your creation inspired through a Culinology lens on the grocery store shelf, restaurant menu or listed on the NFP. I hope the next time we meet you challenge my claim. I want to hear why you have the best job in the room. If you happen to be in Chicago for the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo this summer, I invite you to stop by our booth to introduce yourself, and to check out RCA's educational Culinology in Action session. See page 41 for event details. I have another ideal spot for our continued debate: the RCA Annual Conference and Culinology Expo in Puerto Rico, March 14-17, 2017. Mark your calendars and come prepared to share your expertise and meet others that have the pleasure of getting paid to eat. It's the best place to broaden your Culinology skillset. DIRECTORS ------------------------------- IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Charles Hayes CRC, CEC Vice President Culinary Innovation, R&D JMH Premium Justin Kanthak CRC, CCS National Account Manager Commercial & Custom Kellogg's Food Away from Home Gerrie Bouchard CRC, MBA Director of Marketing ADM/Eatem Foods Anh Nguy Principal Culinologist Ingredion Incorporated Amanda Bushong Director of Industrial Sales Darifair Foods, Inc. Kami R. Smith CEPC Director of Culinary Showcasing Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. Erich Chieca Culinary Sales Manager National Accounts Lactalis Culinary John Draz CRC, CEC, CCE Executive Research Chef Ed Miniat, Inc. Allen Freed President AJ Freed, LLC Rosemary Trout MS Food Science & Biotechnology, Department Head Culinary Arts & Food Science, Instructor Drexel University Barbara Zatto

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Culinology - June 2016

Culinology - June 2016
Table of Contents
President's Letter - Best job competition
Emerging Trends - Five millenial-fueled food trends
The sun is rising on Japanese small plates
Flavor Trends - Seeing innovation through the smoke
Ingredient Trends - Adventures in ancient grains
Member Profile - Research chef extraordinaire
Expert Voices - Gas vs. electric
Industry News from the Research Chefs Association
Culinology Book - New book digs deep into Culinology
Petits Fours - Hormel launches product line for cancer patients
Vermont indicates enforcement priorities for GMO labeling law
Feeding Hispanic millennials’ craving for culture
Combo meals regaining appeal
Dairy alternatives straying from soy
News Bites - Trendspotting at the Culinology Expo
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Culinology - June 2016