Brewing Innovation - S&D Coffee & Tea (Sept. 2018) - 1


Coffee and Tea Fuel Creativity in
Food and Beverage
Consumers' insatiable curiosity for flavor adventure attracts them to the
familiar in a new format. It's no wonder that while coffee and tea are trending
in the ready-to-drink beverage category, these brewed botanicals are finding
their way into all types of packaged food and menu applications


ven in a consumer packaged
goods environment changing
at a dizzying pace, the
beverage category is an outlier. It's
fair to say no product sector has
undergone more wrenching change,
and in 2018 the beverage business is
as dynamic and exciting as ever.
Numerous forces have propelled
radical shifts, none more important
than consumers' steady march from
carbonated soft drinks made with
nutritive sweeteners. In addition
to fueling growth in demand for
sugar-free soft drinks, this exodus
created an opening for other
categories such as bottled water
and, increasingly, ready-to-drink
(RTD) coffee and tea beverages.
In recent years, coffee and tea
have become more than just

coffee and tea ingredients bring
beverages. They have become
many of the plant's healthful
platforms driving innovation in an
benefits to the application,
ever-growing array of applications.
Thanks to advancements by extract namely an array of antioxidants
with varied functions and natural
and ingredient suppliers such
as S&D Coffee & Tea, Concord,
energy in the form of caffeine.
N.C., both are available
in premium extract
form for use in varied
applications, everything
from baked goods to
frozen desserts to sweet
2-3 Beyond Basic Beverages:
and savory sauces, and of
Opportunities in cold brew, lattes,
course, RTD beverages.
energy, nitro and more


The current upswing
in plant-based foods
further solidifies coffee
and tea as being an
on-trend component of
foods and beverages, as
both are derived from
plants. High-quality

4-5 Out-of-the-Cup Innovation: From
desserts to sauces, coffee and
tea contribute color, flavor and a
healthful halo

The Better-for-You Benefits of
Coffee and Tea


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