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S TA T E O F T H E I N D U S T R Y R E P O R T Brands are Back Snackers return to their favorites — at the right price — but the economy still influences purchasing decisions. BY BOB GATTY D espite the lagging economy, consumers came home to their favorite snack brands in 2010, although their ability to find those products at a favorable everyday price was an important factor in their purchasing decisions. There was no doubt that economic concerns still weighed heavily on snack shoppers, according to the 2010 State of the Snack Industry report developed by SymphonyIRI Group and presented in March at SNAXPO in Orlando, FL, by Sally Lyons Wyatt, senior vice-president. However, as ingredient costs continue to rise, the ability to raise prices is still difficult — especially in an inflationary environment as retailers strive to attract a continued number of value-conscious consumers. Despite such pressure, several major players in the baking and snack industries have indicated they plan to raise their prices 5% or more in 2011 to maintain margins and cover rising ingredient costs, according to several recently published reports. 14 Snack World May 2011 That said, frugality still rules, even when it comes to snacks and impulse spending for these items. According to SymphonyIRI’s data, 42% of consumers are spending less on snacks, 30% are trying to make their household snacks last longer and are snacking less frequently, and 25% are eliminating unplanned snack purchases. Moreover, Ms. Wyatt said, the numbers show that consumers are still concerned about the economy and expect food and energy prices to increase, and their own financial situations to either worsen or not improve this year. That’s not good news for an industry that has seen significant growth during the past two years. Unlike earlier times, the ability to increase pricing in today’s environment is, in many cases, simply not available. In fact, the situation is just the opposite with price discounting in such categories as conventional potato chips and those other snack categories that are not perceived by consumers as premium items. BROUGHT TO YOU BY HEAT AND CONTROL, MANE, PRINTPACK, INC., AND J.R. SHORT

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Snack World - May 1, 2011
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Snack World - May 1, 2011