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S TA T E O F T H E I N D U S T R Y R E P O R T HEALTHY INFLUENCE. The study 2009. Those seeking favorite brands on showed that 60% of consumers are trysale declined from 44% in 2009 to 41% in ing to eat foods that help prevent health 2011. The survey showed that 32% purproblems and/or manage existing health chase any brand if the price is right. conditions, and 24% seek snacks that Consumers’ actual experiences with offer benefits beyond basic nutrition. A brands are essential, Ms. Wyatt stressed, full 40% view snacks as an important as 46% reported that their brand decisions part of a healthy eating plan throughare very strongly influenced by brand out the day. trust. While consumers want to know about “Consumers are gravitating toward the products that are low-fat, low-cholesconcept of finding their favorite brands at terol, low-sugar, high-fiber, low-calorie a reasonable everyday price,” Ms. Wyatt and whole-grain, they also want to be said. “Everyone should look at that and alerted to products with low sodium not forget it.” content and those that are all-natural or Ms. Wyatt said innovation played contain natural ingredients. a key role in increasing share across A slight majority of consumers (51%) several snack categories — at the exwant retailers to clearly identify healthpense of private label products in those ier products in the store, the study categories. For example, 11 new yogurt showed, and 47% want comments or pacesetter offerings cut 1.2% from store Sally Lyons Wyatt, senior vice-president, SymphonyIRI symbols on packages to help them select brands’ share, and 10 salty snack pace- Group, reports during the State of the Snack Food Industry presentation that grocery stores are taking snack sales away healthier options. setters helped to reduce private label’s from Wal-Mart. Ms. Wyatt advised the industry to share by 0.2%. partner with parents as they teach their “Consumers are trying to eat healthchildren about healthy eating and to offer snacks with nuier [71%],” Ms. Wyatt said. “Predominantly they feel that trients that are fresh and not processed, as well as those that if they can stay healthy, they can avoid medical expenses.” That, she explained, accounts for a shift of 7% since 2006 in are low-fat and low in calories and to watch portion sizes. The balance between price and nutritional value also healthier snack purchases compared to indulgent products. should be reinforced, she said, noting that 71% of parents look for snacks that are inexpensive and 43% will compromise on nutritional value to save money. The study also showed that dollar sales of organic (+8%) and natural (+7%) indicate that those snacks are performing well across the industry. Some 29% of consumers said it This year’s State of the Industry Report only touches is important to them that snacks are natural or organic, and on the wealth of data about new product and consumer 20% said they are trying to increase consumption trends affecting the snack industry. For more information, of such foods. visit the Snack Food Association’s website, www.sfa. org, to download the PowerPoint presentation from In addition, sustainability remains a growth opportunity, SymphonyIRI’s 2010 State of the Industry Report presented with 26% of shoppers saying that reduced and more ecoat this year’s SNAXPO in Orlando, FL. For more insights and friendly packaging influences their snack selection, and scanning data on the industry, SymphonyIRI, Chicago, IL, 21% saying they like to see biodegradable packaging. Green can be reached at or (312) 726-1221. manufacturing and business practices influence the snack In addition, Snack World magazine received two executive reports on the snack industry from Mintel selection of 20% of consumers. Group Ltd., a market research firm based in Chicago, IL. “Green is good,” Ms. Wyatt said to the SNAXPO crowd. Mintel published the reports in March and April, and “You all are answering that call, and when you do, and they included research on market trends as well as on when you let consumers know, it works.” information from the company’s Global New Products Database. For more information, Mintel can be reached at or (312) 932-0400. SATISFYING HUNGER. “Snacks play an important role in We would like to thank our sponsors — Heat and providing satiation,” Ms. Wyatt noted, pointing out that Control, Mane, Printpack, Inc., and J.R. Short — for their 28% choose them to satisfy immediate hunger, and 11% to support for this comprehensive look at the industry. serve as a “mini meal.” Six percent view snacks as an opporFinally, Snack World would like to thank all of the tunity to get nutrition. members of the Snack Food Association who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to our editors for this report. In part, because of underlying health-and-wellness and We all know your products — both iconic and new — are satiation trends, strong growth is evident outside the sweet the lifeblood of this industry. and savory snacks category, Ms. Wyatt said, and such items as refrigerated snack rolls, snack/granola bars, yogurt, dry fruit snacks and string cheese all have made significant gains. For More Research on Snacks 16 Snack World May 2011 BROUGHT TO YOU BY HEAT AND CONTROL, MANE, PRINTPACK, INC., AND J.R. SHORT

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Snack World - May 1, 2011
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Snack World - May 1, 2011