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year, Matador introduced three stick flavors and four jerky flavors. We’ve kicked up the spice factor a notch with the introduction of the newest Flamin’ Hot Stick,” noted Jeff LeFever, director of marketing at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. Last year, the company launched another new flavor. Jack Link’s Steakhouse Recipe beef jerky is a classic blend of premium grilled steak and seasonings “that will satisfy any steak lover,” according to the company. ConAgra’s Slim Jim brand also has rolled out bold new flavors such as Zesty Garlic and Jamaican Jerk to its line of meat sticks. “Consumers are looking for bigger bolder flavors from their snacks,” said David Palfenier, president, snacks, ConAgra. “All of our new products reflect this trend toward more intense flavors.” Another player in the meat snacks category is Oberto Brands, Kent, WA. The company announced this year that the signature Oh Boy, Oberto! beef jerky line is getting a complete recipe and ingredients overhaul. Oh Boy, Oberto! is the first major brand to offer an All Natural beef jerky, according to the company. In other news, Thanasi Foods LLC, Boulder, CO, launched a premium line of innovative meat snacks called Duke’s, bringing all of Thanasi Foods’ premium, co-branded meat snacks together under one brand label. Duke’s is launching a Teriyaki Beef Jerky product with its newest cobrand ingredient partner, Kikkoman. Additionally, Thanasi Foods is introducing Duke’s with the first nationally distributed Angus beef jerky. Duke’s Original Angus Beef Jerky takes the quality of beef jerky a step further by exclusively using 100% USDA-approved Angus beef as the protein of choice. Certainly, there is no lack of innovation in this category. For example, PEMS LLC, Denver, CO, now offers Perky Jerky. The beef jerky includes an energetic twist of guarana, an Amazon-grown berry used in energy drinks. The guarana in Perky Jerky is metabolized by the body as a protein, creating a feeling of sustained alertness, rather than the jittery buzz associated with other energy drinks. The jerky is made with premium all-natural beef and a 7-ingredient, all-natural marinade. — Susan Malovany READY-TO-EAT POPCORN Expanding Indulgence Manufacturers of ready-to-eat (RTE) popcorn hope new and exotic flavors provide the spark to re-energize this segment of the salty snacks category. This segment hasn’t been fully addressed in the past, according to Craig Bubitsky, chief marketing officer, Dale and Thomas Popcorn, Englewood, NJ. As such, the company added a variety of new flavors and a “heightened level of deliciousness” to its Popcorn, Indiana brand. “We brought interesting, indulgent, decedent flavors to the category that hadn’t existed before,” Mr. Bubitsky said. “For example, we brought indulgent flavors and what I like to call ‘approachable exotics’ to the category such as Wasabi popcorn, which hadn’t been done before.” The company also launched a Cocoa Kettle with Cinnamon Sugar variety. “It’s what I like to call ‘craveable comfort,’” he added. “Once you try it, you’re hooked.” A lot of trends in the food industry — such as gluten-free, whole grains and 0 g trans fat — have boosted sales of its popcorn products. “All of our snacks are hand-crafted, all-natural and gluten-free,” Mr. Bubitsky noted. “We have zero trans fats and use only non-GM corn. All of these things help, but it’s about taste first and foremost.” And the company has “pushed the flavor envelope with popcorn,” he said, noting such flavors as Bacon Ranch, Sweet & Tangy BBQ and Buffalo Cheddar. Popcorn Indiana’s dollar sales have grown rather rapidly during the past year, increasing 28.5% for the 52 weeks ending Feb. 20, 2011, according to SymphonyIRI. This jump moved the company up to the No. 2 RTE popcorn brand, from sixth place in last year’s report. Overall, dollar sales in the segment fell 1.4%, despite several standout performances. In fact, one of the fastestgrowing products was Orville Redenbacher’s Poppycock brand from ConAgra Foods, Inc., Omaha, NE. According to the sales data from SymphonyIRI, the brand’s dollar sales jumped 233.5% to become the fifth largest brand in the segment. However, with $292.5 million in annual sales, according to SymphonyIRI, the ready-to-eat (RTE) popcorn segment is one of the smaller segments of the salty snack category. And while sales de- Snack World May 2011 35

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