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Another initial NPCI goal was to develop a product quality standard for potato chip manufacturers. Chip quality was highly variable in the early days, and consumers often complained about rancidity. One of the new group’s first acts was adoption of a package quality assurance seal for members’ use. The red, black and white seal had a crown with the phrase “King of Chips’’ on the bottom and featured the words “Guaranteed Quality.” The institute ordered one million seals, which were in turn sold to members for placement on individual chip packages. Concern over the potato chip’s image also prompted NPCI to venture into the nutrition arena. Even in the 1930s, potato chips were seen by the public as “fattening.” NPCI responded with “Diet Data’’ — a series of small educational folders that discussed the nutritional value of potato chips. The first folder, subtitled “Potato Chips: NonFattening,’’ was a prototype for the slick nutritional pamphlets that eventually would become so familiar to consumers. “The pure vegetable shortening in which potato chips are thoroughly cooked assists digestion and the more complete assimilation of vitamins so essential to a proper diet,” the folder read. “If eaten in excessive quantities, any food is fattening. But the exceedingly light weight of potato chips in comparison with their bulk ensures a satisfying portion weighing half an ounce, and in such quantity, they are certainly non-fattening.’’ The pamphlet concluded with NPCI’S promise: “Potato chips bearing the seal of the National Potato Chip Institute are guaranteed wholesome and nutritious.” While Mr. Noss served as president of NPCI for the first two years, most of the staff work during this period was handled by Mr. Daus. It was from his files that the institute’s first publication was born. “CHIPS — For America’s Fastest Selling Food Industry,” the mimeographed Continued on Page 18 Superior Corn From The Heartland • Farmer Owned • Responsive • Wide Selection of Corn Products Farmer Owned: Our farmer-owners supply superior quality corn that originates from over one million acres of the most highly productive land in the Midwest. Responsive: LifeLine Foods has the ability to quickly address the needs of our business partners due to our company culture and unique processing capability. Wide Selection of Products: • Corn Grits • Corn Meal • Corn Flour • Extruded Flours • Tortilla Flour • Tortilla Chip Flour Service 2811 South 11th Street, Saint Joseph, Mo 64503 (816) 279-1651 February 2012 Snack World 15

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Snack World - February 2012
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Snack World - February 2012