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Acrylamide Update Strategies for Reduction New white paper stresses an all-inclusive approach for mitigating acrylamide. BY BOB GATTY nack manufacturers should recognize the importance of developing a comprehensive strategy for reducing the level of the acrylamide in their products and not just focus on individual steps in the manufacturing process, according to the author of a new white paper that details developments regarding this naturally occurring substance. “My advice to manufacturers is to recognize that acrylamide mitigation requires a comprehensive approach from raw materials through the entire process,” said Shari Plimpton, PhD, director of industry outreach at the Toledo, OH-based Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT). Dr. Plimpton authored “Review of Acrylamide Mitigation for the Snack Food Industry,” which she prepared for the Snack Food Association (SFA). “Focus on a single approach often falls short of expectations and results in undesirable changes to product quality,” she cautioned. “Successful efforts to mitigate acrylamide have resulted from applying a variety of changes that reduce the opportunity for acrylamide 26 Snack World February 2012 S formation yet do not compromise product quality.” Dr. Plimpton pointed out that researchers continue to explore new approaches and technologies that are targeted to improving industry mitigation efforts. “I will continue to work with SFA as we learn about these methods and report them to our membership,” she promised. The white paper outlines efforts to mitigate acrylamide in snack foods in recent years and reports on developments regarding potato chips, fabricated potato crisp products, corn-based snack chips, extruded snacks and baked snacks. It also discusses acrylamide analysis methodology, model system research and patents. Dr. Plimpton pointed out that acrylamide can form from such ingredients as sugar and amino acid in some foods during high-temperature cooking processes. It is found in many foods including coffee, chocolate, almonds, alcohol, French fries, crackers, potato chips, cereal, breads, even fruits and vegetables.

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Snack World - February 2012
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