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Letter from SFA 75 Years … Growth, Innovation, Progress W McCARTHY ith this issue of Snack World, we begin a year-long commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Snack Food Association (SFA) and all of the progress that has been made in our industry since your association was first organized in 1937. It was then that Harvey F. Noss, a Cleveland ad salesman whose family owned a local snack manufacturing company called NumNum Foods, and several of his colleagues organized the National Potato Chip Institute and met to discuss issues affecting the snack industry and find solutions to common problems. While the issues have changed, SFA has been there helping member companies and the snack food industry succeed. Whether through our governmental affairs efforts or our educational and networking programs, SFA continues to provide venues and opportunities for learning, for discussion and for the sharing of ideas. And we work internationally to help member companies around the world. With the industry’s remarkable growth has come an increasingly complex set of challenges as new products are developed, companies seek to meet consumer preferences, competition arises and intensifies, and the government becomes ever more involved in virtually every aspect of the business. Each of our four issues of Snack World will focus on a unique aspect of our industry’s growth during the past 75 years. Our programming at SNAXPO, March 16-19 in Phoenix, AZ, also will include special presentations detailing many of those developments and will prove to be an exciting time for us all. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this issue and appreciate your comments and suggestions. Sincerely, COLFORD Matt Colford Chairman Snack Food Association Executive Director, Marketing and Strategic Selling Old Dutch Foods, Inc. Jim McCarthy President and CEO Snack Food Association P.S. This will be my last letter as SFA chairman, a role that I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated, as I will be turning over the reins to SFA’s new chairman (Scott W. Smith of Shearer’s Foods) in March. I want to thank the entire SFA staff along with our amazing members around the country and the globe for their wonderful support and engagement in our many ongoing and new initiatives. I am privileged to work in such a dynamic industry alongside so many colleagues and friends from all around the world. Through our continued collective efforts I am confident SFA will thrive and increase its importance to our industry even more as we embark on our next 75 years together. Matt 6 Snack World February 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Snack World - February 2012

Snack World - February 2012
Letter from SFA - 75 Years...Growth, Innovation, Progress
Supplier’s Corner - Time for Change
Calendar of Events
75th Anniversary - The Birth of the Industry
75 Years and Counting
75th Anniversary - An Association is Born
75th Anniversary - A Glance at the Future
Government Affairs - Transportation Rules Roll
Meeting with members of Congress
Acrylamide Update - Strategies for Reduction
SNAXPO 75 - Building Knowledge Blocks
SNAXPO 75 - Exhibitor List
New Snacks
Products & Services
Ad Index

Snack World - February 2012