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NEWSREVIEW Noble Agri appoints former ADM executive as CEO BEIJING, CHINA - Noble Agri announced on May 12 the appointPHQWRI0DWW-DQVHQDVFKLHIH[HFXWLYHRI¿FHUHIIHFWLYHLPPHGLDWHO\ Jansen was most recently senior vice-president and president of ArFKHU'DQLHO0LGODQG¶V $'0 *OREDO2LOVHHGVEXVLQHVV -DQVHQDOVRVHUYHGDV$'0¶VFKLHIULVNRI¿FHU$'0VDLGRQ0D\ WKDW-DQVHQKDGOHIWWR³SXUVXHDQRSSRUWXQLW\ZLWKDQRWKHUFRPSDQ\´ Noble Agri was formed by COFCO after it bought the agriculWXUDODUPRI+RQJ.RQJEDVHG1REOH*URXS/WG&2)&2LVEXLOGing a worldwide grain-trading business to compete with the so-called $%&'JUDLQWUDGHUVRI$'0%XQJH/WG&DUJLOODQG/RXLV'UH\IXV&RPPRGLWLHV&2)&2DFTXLUHGVWDNHVLQ1REOHDQG'XWFK WUDGHU1LGHUD%9  -DQVHQ KDV D \HDU FDUHHU LQ WKH DJULFXOWXUH LQGXVWU\ +H ZDV in charge of ADM's Brazilian operations for seven years, after which he re-located to North America to take up the role of corporate vicepresident, president of ADM's Grain Group, WKHODUJHVWJUDLQJURXSLQ1RUWK$PHULFD Since 2010, Jansen has been responsible for ADM's Global Oilseeds business, the largest JOREDOVHJPHQWRI$'0¶V*URXSRSHUDWLRQV "Matt brings with him the depth of knowlJansen edge and broad business experience gained through his years' career in the highly competitive global agribusiQHVV+HLVLGHDOO\VXLWHGWRGULYHWKHIXWXUHJURZWKRI1REOH$JUL´ VDLG)UDQN1LQJFKDLUPDQRI1REOH$JULDQG&2)&2 Hovis names new CEO HIGH WYCOMBE, ENGLAND - Vertically integrated baking and ÀRXUPLOOLQJEXVLQHVV+RYLV/WGDQQRXQFHGRQ0D\WKDWLWKDVDSSRLQWHG0DUW\Q:LONVDVFKLHIH[HFXWLYHRI¿FHU Wilks was previously executive managing director at Dairy Crest IURPWR0DUFKWKLV\HDU Prior to joining Dairy Crest, Wilks held a number of senior roles at JOREDOFRQIHFWLRQHU0DUVGXULQJKLV\HDUWHQXUHZLWKWKHEXVLQHVV His most recent role was president of the Snackfood Division of MasterIRRGV86$2WKHUUROHVLQFOXGHGJOREDOFRUSRUDWH93VDOHVDQGPDUNHWLQJDQGPDQDJLQJGLUHFWRURI0DUV)UDQFH+HDOVRKHOGDQXPEHURI commercial roles at United Biscuits and Cadbury Schweppes, where he EHJDQKLVFDUHHU "Hovis is such an iconic brand and I'm looking forward to working in partnership with Nish, the executive team and the board to grow the EUDQGDQGWKHFDWHJRU\´VDLG:LONV³,DPMRLQLQJWKHFRPSDQ\DWDWLPH when Hovis has recently seen the strongest growth performance out of WKHWKUHHPDMRUEUHDGEUDQGVLQWKH8.DQGLWLVDOVRFXUUHQWO\SHUFHLYHG DVWKHKHDOWKLHVWEUDQGLQWKHPDUNHW:LWKDIRXQGDWLRQDVVWURQJDVWKLV along with a dynamic and energized team, I'm thrilled to be part of the QH[W+RYLVFKDSWHU´ Wilks is also currently a non-executive director for the governing body of English Netball and will retain this role that he has held VLQFH +RYLVLVMRLQWO\RZQHGE\7KH*RUHV*URXS  DQG3UHPLHU)RRGV SOF  7KHFRPSDQ\ZDVFUHDWHGLQ$SULOWRKHOSUHOHDVHQHZ investment to upgrade its operational infrastructure and reinvigorate the +RYLVEUDQG+RYLVHPSOR\VDSSUR[LPDWHO\SHRSOHDWEDNHULHV VL[ÀRXUPLOOVDQGWZRUHJLRQDOGLVWULEXWLRQFHQWHUVDFURVVWKH8. Southern Africa nations facing food shortage 520( ,7$/< ² (UUDWLF UDLQV ZLOO PHDQ VLJQL¿FDQW IRRG VXSSO\ shortages in southern Africa nations from July this year, the United 1DWLRQV¶:RUOG)RRG3URJUDP :)3 VDLGRQ0D\ "Of great concern is Zimbabwe, which is facing a looming huge IRRGGH¿FLWGXHWRLPPLQHQWZLGHVSUHDGFURSIDLOXUH´WKH:)3VDLG LQ DQ HPDLOHG VWDWHPHQW WR %ORRPEHUJ QHZV DJHQF\ ³%\ )HEUXDU\ DQHVWLPDWHGSHUFHQWRIFXOWLYDWHGODQGZDVFRQVLGHUHGORVW´ 0DODZL0R]DPELTXHDQG0DGDJDVFDUDUHDOVROLNHO\WRH[SHULHQFH IRRGVXSSO\VKRUWDJHVLWVDLG =LPEDEZH ZLOO ORVH PRUH WKDQ  KHFWDUHV  DFUHV  of its corn crop because of mid-season dry spells, resulting in a food VKRUWIDOOWKDWZLOOUHTXLUHLPSRUWVWKH:)3VDLG The worst drought since 1992 in South Africa, the continent's biggest corn producer and traditional supplier of its neighbors, has damDJHGSODQWVZLWKWKHQDWLRQSUHGLFWLQJDGURSLQWKHKDUYHVW WRWKHVPDOOHVWLQHLJKW\HDUV%ORRPEHUJVDLG%RWVZDQDVDLGFURSVDUH VKRZLQJVLJQVRI³WRWDOIDLOXUH´GXHWREHORZDYHUDJHUDLQIDOOZKLOH ÀRRGVLQ0DODZLDQG0R]DPELTXHKDYHFXUEHGSURGXFWLRQ "The reduced maize production in South Africa will impact maize PDUNHWVUHJLRQDOO\E\SXVKLQJXSSULFHV´:)3VDLG 7KHSULFHRIZKLWHFRUQLQ6RXWK$IULFDKDVVXUJHGVRIDUWKLV \HDUZKLOHWKDWRIWKH\HOORZYDULHW\JDLQHGLQWKHVDPHSHULRG EBRD provides loan to Turkish edible oil producer LONDON, ENGLAND - The European Bank for Reconstruction DQG'HYHORSPHQW (%5' VDLGRQ0D\WKDWLWLVSURYLGLQJD¼ PLOOLRQ PLOOLRQ ORDQWR7XUNLVKHGLEOHRLODQGFDQQHGIRRG SURGXFHU

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of World Grain - June 2015

World Grain - June 2015
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Flour output data points to eating trends
Calendar of Events
News review - Ceremony marks opening of Whitewater Mill
ADM plans extensive improvements at Argentina port
Dangote Flour Mills hurts Tiger’s earnings
GrainCorp Oils increasing oilseed crushing capacity
Noble Agri appoints former ADM executive as CEO Jansen
Hovis names new CEO
Southern Africa nations facing food shortage
EBRD provides loan to Turkish edible oil producer
Gruma full steam ahead on European expansion
Oilseeds, grains push Wilmar earnings up 49%
GrainCorp earnings drop on smaller crop
ADM makes management appointments in key areas
ADM earnings surge on oilseed crush margins
Bunge returns to profit on soybean crushing
GrainCorp plans upgrades at 13 sites
Grain Market Review - Rice
Country Focus - Argentina
Technical Profile - Crustless pan bread favored in Argentina
Feature - Bridging a Gap
Feature - Chinese Reforms Creating Market Uncertainties
Feature - Investing in Food Security
Feature - Grain Storage and Handling Projects
Feature - IAOM Conference 2015
Feature - China, currency impacting markets
Feature - A new plan for Egypt
Feature - Team approach to marketing for Canadian grains
Canadian wheat customers share their experiences
Feature - IAOM MEA District Conference & Expo
Feature - Traders Utilizing Exchanges More than Ever
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Product Showcase
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World Grain - June 2015