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FROM THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Flour output data points to eating trends A s useful as it may be to examine global trends in demand for wheat as food to measure how the grain-based food business is doing, hard numbers relating speFL¿FDOO\WRPLOOLQJSURYLGHDPRUHH[DFWLQJ basis for understanding the industry's status. Thus, when the International Grains Council (IGC) released its supply-demand foreFDVWVIRUWKHQH[W¿YH\HDUVWKURXJK SRLQWLQJWRWKHXSZDUGPRYHLQZKHDWIRRG use as slowing from the pace of the precedLQJ ¿YH \HDUV WKH GHVLUH WR NQRZ ZKHUH SRVLWLYH DQG QHJDWLYH FKDQJHV PLJKW RFFXU becomes urgent. The Council only points WR EURDGEUXVK JDLQV ODUJHO\ LQ GHYHORSLQJ nations of Asia and Africa "as wheat-based foods become more popular in place of traditional staples." Additional detail is centered on global per capita wheat demand, which WKH ,*& VD\V LV OLNHO\ WR KROG VWHDG\ DW  NLORJUDPV ZLWK DQ\ WRWDO H[SDQVLRQ GULYHQ by population. Such calculations are important in determining prospects for global wheat supplydemand. Yet, they fall short when it comes WR PDNLQJ GHFLVLRQV DERXW PDWWHUV OLNH LQYHVWLQJ LQ ÀRXU PLOOLQJ WR VDWLVI\ H[SDQGLQJPDUNHWV$PXFKFORVHUORRNLVUHTXLUHG Here, too, the IGC plays the essential role through its annual compilation of national ÀRXUSURGXFWLRQ &RPSLOLQJVXFKDOLVWLVQRVPDOOWDVNDQG WKH &RXQFLO¶V ZRUN KHUH LV UHFRJQL]HG DV EHLQJRIVSHFLDOYDOXH7KHODWWHULVRQO\GLminished by those countries that appear unZLOOLQJWRSURYLGHWKH,*&ZLWKQXPEHUVRQ milling output. The missing nations, mainly &KLQD ,QGLD $XVWUDOLD ,UDQ 3DNLVWDQ DQG Morocco, comprise a list of large milling FRXQWULHVDFWLQJDVLIÀRXURXWSXWQHHGVKLGing. That is particularly bothering when it is UHFRJQL]HG WKDW WKH WZR FRXQWULHV KHDGLQJ this list are largest in milling. 8 6RIDUDVUHYHDOLQJLPSRUWDQWGDWDDERXW PLOOLQJ RSHUDWLRQV LQ YDULRXV FRXQWULHV LV FRQFHUQHGWKHODWHVW,*&FRPSLODWLRQFRYHULQJ  VKRZV WKH ODUJHVW LQFUHDVHV LQ two countries that do not surprise - IndoQHVLDDQG(J\SW:LWKDQQXDOJDLQVRI DQGUHVSHFWLYHO\SURGXFWLRQLQWKHVH WZRDI¿UPVKRZRXWSXWLVVWULYLQJWRNHHS pace with expansion in demand for grainbased foods. No other nations in the anQXDOÀRXURXWSXWVKRZWZRGLJLWSHUFHQWDJH JDLQV EXW ZKHQ WKH LPSUHVVLYH H[SDQVLRQ LQ WKHVH FRXQWULHV LV SXW DVLGH WKH  XSturn for the United States stands out. That is particularly so when the two U.S. neighbors, Canada and Mexico, show small deFUHDVHVLQ $PHULFD¶V RXWSXW LQFUHDVH LV HYHQ PRUH VLJQL¿FDQW ZKHQ FRPSDUHG ZLWK WKH VWHHS falls registered by European nations. GerPDQRXWSXWIHOOFRQWUDVWLQJZLWKD increase registered by that nation in the peULRG EHJLQQLQJ ZLWK  )UDQFH ZDV RII  DFFHQWXDWLQJ D GLS RI QHDUO\  IURP the start of this century. United Kingdom SURGXFWLRQPDQDJHGWRKROGVWHDG\LQ EXWVKRZHGWKHVDPHGURSDV)UDQFHIURPWKH century's start. 7KHUHFHQWJOREDOOHDGHUVLQÀRXUH[SRUWLQJ 7XUNH\ DQG .D]DNKVWDQ SRVWHG TXLWH GLIIHUHQWÀRXUPLOOLQJUHVXOWV7XUNH\¶VÀRXU RXWSXW DFWXDOO\ GHFUHDVHG E\  IURP WKH SUHFHGLQJ \HDU DQG .D]DNKVWDQ VKRZHG D  JDLQ ,Q ORRNLQJ IRU D ZD\ WR PHDVXUH how a small country that used to be a part RIWKH)RUPHU6RYLHW8QLRQKDVPDQDJHGWR FRPSHWHIRUWKHOHDGLQJJOREDOUROHLQÀRXU H[SRUWLQJLWLVXQQHFHVVDU\WRORRNEH\RQG WKHH[SDQVLRQRILQ.D]DNKVWDQ¶VRXWSXWLQWKHSHULRGVLQFH Morton I. Sosland Editor-in-chief Chairman Publisher Sales Charles Sosland Dan Flavin Adam Ungashick EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Editor Managing Editor Editor European Editor China Consultant Designer Morton I. 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World Grain - June 2015
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Flour output data points to eating trends
Calendar of Events
News review - Ceremony marks opening of Whitewater Mill
ADM plans extensive improvements at Argentina port
Dangote Flour Mills hurts Tiger’s earnings
GrainCorp Oils increasing oilseed crushing capacity
Noble Agri appoints former ADM executive as CEO Jansen
Hovis names new CEO
Southern Africa nations facing food shortage
EBRD provides loan to Turkish edible oil producer
Gruma full steam ahead on European expansion
Oilseeds, grains push Wilmar earnings up 49%
GrainCorp earnings drop on smaller crop
ADM makes management appointments in key areas
ADM earnings surge on oilseed crush margins
Bunge returns to profit on soybean crushing
GrainCorp plans upgrades at 13 sites
Grain Market Review - Rice
Country Focus - Argentina
Technical Profile - Crustless pan bread favored in Argentina
Feature - Bridging a Gap
Feature - Chinese Reforms Creating Market Uncertainties
Feature - Investing in Food Security
Feature - Grain Storage and Handling Projects
Feature - IAOM Conference 2015
Feature - China, currency impacting markets
Feature - A new plan for Egypt
Feature - Team approach to marketing for Canadian grains
Canadian wheat customers share their experiences
Feature - IAOM MEA District Conference & Expo
Feature - Traders Utilizing Exchanges More than Ever
Supplier News
Product Showcase
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World Grain - June 2015