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NEWSREVIEW Cargill opens two canola facilities in Canada WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA - Cargill Limited opened two Canadian canola facilities in July. With these openings, the company's footprint in Canada's canola industry now spans the entire food value chain - from the creation of specialty seed breeding to seed crushing to RLOUH¿QLQJ &DUJLOORSHQHGDQHZFDQRODUH¿QHU\LQ&ODYHW6DVNDWFKHZDQ&DQDda and a canola processing facility in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. "The global demand for canola is on the rise, and we're targeting an increase to 26 million tonnes by the year 2025," said Patti Miller, president of the canola council of Canada. "More than half of this will be SURFHVVHGLQ&DQDGDIRUPDUNHWVDURXQGWKHZRUOG&DUJLOO¶VQHZSODQW WDNHVXVDVWHSFORVHUWRDFKLHYLQJWKLVJRDO´ 7KHQHZ&DUJLOOFDQRODSURFHVVLQJIDFLOLW\LVWKH¿UVWPDMRULQYHVWment in Alberta's grains and oilseed sector in 30 years and further diYHUVL¿HV$OEHUWD¶VDJULFXOWXUHVHFWRUDQGFRPSHWLWLYHQHVVLQWKHJOREDO PDUNHWSODFH&DUJLOOVDLG ³:H DUH YHU\ H[FLWHG WR PDUN WKH RI¿FLDO RSHQLQJ RI RXU QHZHVW state-of-the-art canola crush facility in Canada. This plant has the capacity to process over 1 million tonnes of canola per year and will BRITISH OLUMBIA MANITOBA ALBERTA Hudson Bay SASKATCHEWAN Camrose Clavet CANADA QUEBEC ONTARIO provide Alberta canola growers with a competitive point of delivery LQWKLVUHJLRQ´VDLG.HQ6WRQHDVVLVWDQWYLFHSUHVLGHQWIRU&DUJLOO¶V Canadian canola processing business. 7KHUH¿QHU\KDVWKHFDSDFLW\WRUH¿QHELOOLRQSRXQGVRIFDQRODRLO DQQXDOO\PDNLQJLWWKHODUJHVW&DUJLOOUH¿QHU\LQ1RUWK$PHULFD7KLVLQYHVWPHQWVKRZVWKHFRPSDQ\¶VFRQ¿GHQFHLQWKHFRQWLQXHGJURZWKDQG FRPSHWLWLYHQHVVRIWKHFDQRODLQGXVWU\LQ&DQDGDDQG6DVNDWFKHZDQ. Canada identifies ways to improve grain handling WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA - Agriculture Minister GerU\5LW]DQQRXQFHGRQ-XO\WKDWWKH&URS/RJLVWLFV:RUNLQJ*URXS &/:* KDVFRPSOHWHGLWV¿QDOUHSRUWLGHQWLI\LQJZD\VWRLPSURYH the grain handling and transportation system across Canada. The ZRUNLQJ JURXS ZDV FKDLUHG E\ 0XUGRFK 0DF.D\ DQG EURXJKW WRgether over 18 agriculture organizations from across the grain sector. This report is a consensus of all these organizations and consolidates the broadest agriculture-related recommendations to strengthen the grain supply chain. 7KH UHSRUW FRQVLVWV RI HLJKW NH\ UHFRPPHQGDWLRQV LQFOXGLQJ HQKDQFHG WUDQVSDUHQF\ LQ WKH UDLO PDUNHW FRQWLQXHG DVVHVVPHQW RI JUDLQPRYHPHQWYROXPHHQKDQFHPHQWVLQWKH/HYHORI6HUYLFHSURFHVVHQKDQFHGSRZHUVRIWKH&DQDGLDQ7UDQVSRUWDWLRQ$JHQF\DQG increased protection and support for producer car and other small shippers. These recommendations will be submitted on behalf of the CLWG to the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) review panel "The input provided by the CLWG supports our government's commitment to improving the transportation system so that farmHUV¶SURGXFWVJHWWRPDUNHWTXLFNO\DQGHI¿FLHQWO\:RUNLQJZLWKLQdustry to strengthen the entire supply chain ensures Canada's grain sector is well positioned for long-term growth and sustainability," explained Ritz. 7KLV ZRUN FRQVROLGDWHV SURGXFHU DQG DJULFXOWXUH LQGXVWU\ LQSXW into the CTA review and concludes the third mandate of the CLWG - a forum for representatives across the industry to identify improvements to the supply chain. For more information, see Page 98. 16 August 2015 / World Grain /

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World Grain - August 2015
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From the Editor-in-chief - Global trajectory lower on prices
Calendar of Events
IAOM Southeast Asia District to meet Oct. 4-6 in Indonesia
News Review - Fairfax India to acquire National Collateral
Nibulon increases cargo transportation
Cargill enters into joint venture with Naturisa
Cargill opens two canola facilities in Canada
Canada identifies ways to improve grain handling
Masujima takes new role at Nisshin Flour Milling
Louis Dreyfus acquires grain terminal
Volac, Wilmar create global animal feed fats business
SinoGrain to invest in grain storage
Long-time miller David Sugden dies
IAOM Annual Conference & Expo planned April 4-8, 2016
HAROPA port sees exports rise for fourth year
E.U. cereal exports soar; new harvest above average
NCSP Group bulk cargo up 7.4%
Jungbunzlauer to acquire Ingredion facility
Grain Market Review - Coarse grains
Country Focus - Brazil
Technical Profile - Brazilian 'French Bread'
Regional Review - New Chinese agricultural policy
Regional Review - China pushes grain production higher
Regional Review - China seeks global reach in trading, processing
Feature - VICTAM International 2015
Feature - Aiming to boost production
Feed Operations - Concrete versus steel mill construction
Feature - Rice thickness grading
Rice Quarterly - FAO ups global rice trade forecast to 42 million tonnes
Iran deal could boost India’s basmati exports
Rice Milling Expo planned Oct. 16-18
Thailand confident rice exports will hit 10-million-tonne target
Japan considers import quota for Australian rice
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World Grain - August 2015