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Don’t procrastinate ‘till it’s too late! Be ahead of the game, Get your bids in on time & meet your deadline! WEATHERPROOFED? commercial ROOFING & waterproofing hawaii All type of Roofing Systems & Waterproofing Roof Management Plans & Maintenance BIPV & Photovoltaics | Turnkey Installations 841.RAIN LIC. BC-18179 Complimentary Roof Assessment RICHELLE THOMASON Dir. of Business Development PH: 778.8093 DIR: 748.8438 richellet @ TIPS WHEN SOLICITING PROPOSALS Assess existing roof condition and choose a roofing system that has been tested and proven locally for 5+ years Ensure that the scope of work meets Manufacturer’s specs and is stated clearly & concisely - including warranty periods Question any significant difference in bid prices - there is usually a valid reason for the difference. Find out why! WHY CHOOSE CRW? CAPABLE >> Certified NDL applicator for all roof systems RELIABLE >> Above industry average bonding & surety limits DIVERSIFIED >> BIPV / Photovoltaic turnkey roof installations FLEXIBLE >> Flexible scheduling & payment accommodations ESTABLISHED >> Local lines of insurance / recovery fund access Exceeding our client expectations nearly a decade! Roofing & Solar PV Solutions for Hawaii’s Buildings That Save Money. Spend Smart! Waterfront Plaza Topa Tower BIA CTC BIPV Installation Kupono Townhomes (shakes) LEARN MORE @ or call 808.841.RAIN(7246)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Building Management Hawaii - June/July 2012

Editor’s Note
When the Winds Blow
Why Waterproof? Keep your building watertight & upright.
Get Watertight Water is the greatest solvent in the world ... keep your building dry.
What Drains Your Building?
Asbestos Exposed How to safely recover from mold and flood damage.
Mold Misunderstood
Water Leaks—from Bad to Worse
The Power of Paint
Life of Paint
It’s Best to Test A paint test can detect lead, and be the trick in finding a paint that will stick.
Industry News
Movers & Shakers
Association Updates
Resource Guide: Waterproofing & Painting

Building Management Hawaii - June/July 2012