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Molokai Relay Will Reichensteir Will and Danny, first to finish Andrea Moller Aaron Creps PhoTos by roPATi 'it was on fire!' That was what a lot of the paddlers said about the Kaiwi Channel as they got out of their canoes at Magic Island. The first team blazing to the finish was Danny Ching and Will Reichensteir from California. danny Ching - Killer conditions out there, we were pleasantly surprised. It was good to surf the whole way. Jimmy and Manny, Kai and Aaron were there the whole time, pretty much until Hawaii Kai, then we got a little and managed to hold it the rest of the way. Will reichensteir - Racing with danny (Ching) was an honor. He never let me sit on any waves. 'Keep paddling, keep paddling', he kept telling me. Any time I was in the boat against Kai it was an achievement. Anytime you can paddle side by side with the world champ, it's a pretty humbling experience. Kai bartlett - It was pretty much a dog fight which kept you going the whole way, kept you on your toes (teammate Aaron Creps). lauren bartlett - It was 100 times better than the solo. We (Andrea moller) had a good push with some of the guys around us. We gave them a good run for their money. They were running scared. The ocean was moving in the right direction today. It was better than the 'Solo' which was better than bad. Andrea moller - She (lauren bartlett) is awesome. We battled with some guys out there and tried to keep up with them. We had all the girls from team Bradley doing the channel, so we were all competing against each other in a healthy way. It was really fun, lots of bumps, really good surfing. Jimmy Austin - The bumps were fantastic. It was pretty much a three-way race most of the way, a lot of catch-up, fallback, it was entertaining. There was a lot of strategy going on (teammate manny Kulukululani). bill Pratt - We (raven Aipa, evan rhodes & heath hemmings) brought a knife to a gunfight. We were in a flat water boat that we won the race in last year. Fortunately for everybody, the 'wind guru' was wrong. It was one of those rare times when we got to Waikiki and were excited to get into the flat water. raven Aipa - I was just happy to paddle with billy, evan and heath. When you have friends paddling together the whole race is good. dave loui - We (matt dubrule) cranked all the bumps out there but ran out of steam at the end. The main thing is nobody got hurt. donna Kahakui - There were bumps, there were waves, there was wind. I thought it would be flat, and we (shien-lu stokesbary) would be at the back of the pack, but, thank God, it was a great day. We had good people around us. Alex look and makana darval-Chang said the best part was coming down some of the 'Big Bombers'. Both were 14 years old on race day. Congratulation to everyone who took part in the race. Full results can be found at 12 pacific paddler June 2011 http://www.gobananaskayaks.comk

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Kauai World Challenge
Molo Solo
Molokai Relay
Q&A with Kai Bartlett
OluKai Ho’olaule’a
Battle of the Paddle
SCORA's safety net
Primo Boys wild adventure
Suncare and UV Protection
Got lactate?
Maui to Molokai
Eono Hoe
Tavaru Sailing Canoe voyage

Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011