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"…it was like victory at sea" Stan Dickson The 'Windward Side' of Oahu was all of that and more. Hundreds gathered to race and pa'ina (party) at the 12th Annual Kala'iomalulani race hosted by Keahiakahoe Canoe Club in Kaneohe Bay. Stormy, wet, windy weather didn't keep paddlers away from an opportunity to compete against each other and 'mother nature'. "The night before, there was thunder and lightning. I couldn't sleep, it was pretty sketchy," said Stan Dickson, head coach for Keahiakahoe. Just up the coast, lightning strikes at Haleiwa Beach Park cancelled a race hosted by North Shore Canoe Club. In Kaneohe Bay, other elements were at play PhoTos by roPATi to make for a most memorable race. "The race threw at you everything you could imagine, horizontal rain, wind. When we made the turn to go out to Coconut Island, it was pretty nasty; condition-wise, it presented everything you could imagine," said seasoned paddler Kenny Baily. "We knew with a low tide this morning, it was going to be rugged. I paddled the course yesterday, and it was nasty," said race director Wayne German, so he adjusted the course. "I put the buoy out by our little sandbar so it made that part of the course steep, so you had to go through it but not turn on it. I'm really stoked every- body had a good time. To hear that some of the novice guys were terrified… that's what you want. You want them to go 'I remember when I was a novice and they put on this stupid race'. So they had to go into the wind but they got the benefit on the return with the waves and the tide. The main thing is, it was a safe race in the bay," he said. "There were big waves, there was rain, wind, there was everything. We were scared and we made it," said Heather Murphy, a Kailua Canoe Club novice A paddler. "It was a little bit rough going out, but the ride in was a lot of fun," said Wink Arnott who paddles with Nakoalani Canoe Club on Kaneohe Marine Base. The club is affiliated with Kai Oni Canoe Club. "It was a lot more challenging than we thought it would be. I thought the race was over when we made the turn around Coconut Island, but we ended up going out a quarteror half-mile more into the chop, into the wind, into the waves… but coming back was lots of fun," Mike Tosakki, a Kamamalahoe Senior Master crew member said. Kala'i Miller, host of Ocean paddler TV and safety assistant for Wayne German, said it was good to see a race that was only an hour and a half long but had almost every Kai Chong was surprised to see he was in the mag Arlene Holzman "It's nice to be out paddling on this side of the island. I'm in heaven looking at the desserts to choose from." Everything a sweet tooth could desire Otis Anslow (light blue shirt) and members of Na Koalani from Kaneohe Marine Base 16 pacific paddler June 2011

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Kauai World Challenge
Molo Solo
Molokai Relay
Q&A with Kai Bartlett
OluKai Ho’olaule’a
Battle of the Paddle
SCORA's safety net
Primo Boys wild adventure
Suncare and UV Protection
Got lactate?
Maui to Molokai
Eono Hoe
Tavaru Sailing Canoe voyage

Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011