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SCORA's safety net This year we opened at Marina Del Ray with anticipation and baited breath as we kept a keen eye on the flag-pole. Will we have to race with "mandatory" spray skirts so stipulated by the race committee or not? As it turned out- it was an or not race day, beautiful slightly overcast skies, and typical Marina weather. Just the right amount of wind and wave to make the race an enjoyable and safe way to start a season. May is a back to back weekend starter, with barely enough time to unload and practice, we made our way to San Diego and the Hanohano Crystal Pier Race. Againthe weather was in our favor, and while it was recommended that skirts be used, it was not mandated… why all the mention of spray skirts all of a sudden? SCORA has made several rule amendments brought forward by the race and safety committee and then voted on and either passed or made evident of enforceability that centers on the safety of the paddler. If you subscribe to, you may have read some of our family discussing the pros and cons of our decisions. Years of experience, conversations and scenarios are played out before the committee makes a recommendation to the board. Ultimately the board makes the final decision based on our suggestion, but in each case the consideration always comes back to the safety and well-being of the paddler. That said, we have also passed into rule that each canoe racing in a SCORA sanctioned event will be equipped with a 100 foot tow line attached to the front iako, ready for deployment should the need arise. All that aside, we are looking forward to another successful racing season. This year, in addition to the remainder of the Iron distance races (right now is Ka Nai'a in Santa Barbars, Hokuloa in Ventura, the Pale Kai Pineapple Express in Avila Beach and culminating at the Kai Elua Championships in San Diego), we will have the 9-man sprint relay in Long Beach and introduce a NEW event combining a sprint race for keiki and novices, with a distance race for open paddlers which will bring prize money to the top finishers. After that, we move into 9-man, with Oceanside, Dana, Anacapa (12-man), and new and improved Catalina Champs (much more on that this year- a destination you won't want to miss!). Cheance Adair 26 pacific paddler June 2011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011

Kauai World Challenge
Molo Solo
Molokai Relay
Q&A with Kai Bartlett
OluKai Ho’olaule’a
Battle of the Paddle
SCORA's safety net
Primo Boys wild adventure
Suncare and UV Protection
Got lactate?
Maui to Molokai
Eono Hoe
Tavaru Sailing Canoe voyage

Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011