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Contents Kauai world Challenge molo solo molokai relay Q&a with Kai Bartlett Kala'iomalulani oluKai Ho’olaule’a Battle of the paddle sCora's safety net primo Boys wild adventure suncare and Uv protection got lactate? maui to molokai eono Hoe Calendar tavaru paCiFiC paDDLer publisher-editor: ropati Hebenstreit writers: robin Jumper, suzie Cooney, Kai Bartlett, John o'malley, Catherine Cullison, Johann Hironui Bouit photos: peter Caldwell, Hamsterworks. com, ropati, Kathleen Ho photography proofreader: amy Hebenstreit 4 8 12 14 16 18 24 26 28 30 31 32 33 34 34 Summertime and regatta season go hand-in-hand. Paddlers of all ages are training and working towards a spot at the HCRA State Champs which, this year, will be held on Maui. While covering 12th Annual Kala'iomalulani race hosted by Keahiakahoe Canoe Club in Kaneohe Bay, I was introduced to Otis Anslow of Nakoalani Canoe Club, which is located on Kaneohe Marine Base. The club was formed with help from Kai Oni Canoe Club and Wink Arnott because there was a lot of military who wanted to paddle but didn't know how to get into it. "We found a couple of malia canoes on the Marine base, refurbished them and started a club," said Otis. Nakoalani has about 30 members, and their goal is to hold the state race next year on the Marine base. "We have got the perfect location, flat water; it's clean and it's a great way to get the paddling community and military to get to know each other." More and more I notice that paddling is becoming a vehicle to join people together from different walks of life. Yes, we have the very competitive aspect, we have our champs, the rock stars of paddling, but there is so much more. As you go through the magazine, there is one theme that keeps reoccurring – We're all having fun and getting to know each other, and that's the real gold at the end of your race. Aloha June 2011 vol 16.2 Taking first place is sweet. Jimmy Austin takes top honors at the 3rd Annual OluKai Ho’olaule’a. Photo provided by OluKai On the cover address: po Box 300345, Ka‘a‘awa, Hi 96730 (808) 351-2398 Connor Foti gets serious at the BOP printed at trade publishing Co. Honolulu, Hawaii print specialists (808) 848-0711 A MAGAZINE FOR PADDLERS BY PADDLERS Mission Statement: to bring the excitement of outrigger paddling to a larger audience. We feel that Pacific Paddler’s hui of supporters, contributors, subscribers and advertisers is helping the sport grow, not only here in Hawaii, but around the world. Thanks for your contribution to the sport. © 2011 Pacific Paddler is published six times a year. No reproduction without permission. No responsibility is assumed by publisher as to the contents’ accuracy or completeness. pacific paddler April Cover iD Nakoalani club members relax after their race The April 2011 cover photo was of Tyson Poppler. He is currently paddling for Dana Outrigger out of Dana Point, California and is part of the elite paddlers here in So Cal. Yea, it was a nasty day outside of Redondo Beach with 4-8 foot swells, sometimes hitting back to back with only seconds between waves. Brian Vestyck, Subscription in the USA $12 for 1 year/$18 for 2 years Send check to: Pacific Paddler PO Box 300345, Ka'a'awa, HI 96730 or at "Weylin (Foo) didn't want to get his pants wet. First the tsunami and now this flood," said Ian Foo, Chief Eternal Optimist for Hypr. It was the second time this year they had to dry out the store in Kailua-Kona.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011

Kauai World Challenge
Molo Solo
Molokai Relay
Q&A with Kai Bartlett
OluKai Ho’olaule’a
Battle of the Paddle
SCORA's safety net
Primo Boys wild adventure
Suncare and UV Protection
Got lactate?
Maui to Molokai
Eono Hoe
Tavaru Sailing Canoe voyage

Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011