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calendar sponsored by A feW rACes on the CAlenDAr hui WAA ChAmPionshiPs - Jul 23 ohCrA ChAmPs - Jul 25 hCrA sTATe ChAmPionshiPs - Aug 6 KAenA ChAllenge oAhu - Aug Tbd nA PAli ChAllenge, KAuAi - Aug 13 duKe KAhAnAmoKu rACe, oAhu - Aug 21 KAiluA bAy ChAllenge, oAhu - Aug 27 dAd's CenTer rACe, oAhu - Aug 28 e lAu hoe, oAhu - seP 11 henry AyAu memoriAl rACe, oAhu - seP 18 40Th AnnuAl queen lili'uoKAlAni ouTrigger CAnoe rACes, hAWAii - sePT. 3-5 rACe Around The hAT seP 10 CATAlinA ChAnnel Crossing, CAliforniA - seP 10-11 PAilolo ChAllenge, seP 17 nA WAhine o Ke KAi, moloKAi - seP 25 moloKAi hoe, moloKAi - oCT 9 vAKA eivA, CooK islAnds - nov 18-25 rio vA´A brAZil deC 10 CheCK ouT our WebsiTe for uPdATes hAmilTon CuP, AusTrAliA's greAT bArrier reef - June 16 – 19 The 15Th AnnuAl liberTy World ouTrigger ComPeTiTion - June 25 KAhAlA ChAllenge June 18th at Kailua Beach Park. 800m swim, 2.5 mile beach run, then either a 2 mile paddleboard, 2 mile SUP or 2.5 mile OC1. Awards follow for individual and team division. Brunch provided by Kalapawai Market. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Kailua Canoe Club. For more information, call (808) 285-6667. Entry forms at www. thirD AnnuAl rACe ArounD the hAt Sep 10 at Kualoa Beach Park. Event to include TWO race formats this ear! A sprint knock out race as well as the traditional race around Mokoli'i Island. tavaru, a fleet of canoes heads for Kualoa Te Mana o Te Moana has started. The and Hawaii. I have had the opportunity voyage of the seven wa'a from the South over this past year to prepare for the next Pacific is finally making its way towards voyage with the Tahitian canoe, Faafaite. I Hawaii. I am a crew member of Tahiti's have never sailed before, and this project Canoe Faafaite. We left Papeete and estiseemed like a great way to get in touch mated arriving in Hawaiian waters in midwith the culture of my Tahitian ancestors. June, and Oahu around the 25th at Kualoa. We took part in many cultural activities Since 1976, there have been voyagwhile engaging communities, and reaching ing canoe projects, with Hokulea leading out to the next generations of Polynesians. the way along with the family of Hawaiian This year the Tahiti Voyaging Society Canoes including established a This marks the first time a Hawai'i Loa and partnership Tahitian canoe will visit its cous- with the Tahiti Makali'i. Last year ins up north since the days of the Department of with the support of a German Education, to voyaging canoe ecologist, Dieter offer an educaPullmann and his foundation Okeanos, a tional program centered on the science fleet of voyaging canoes set sail between and culture of ancestral navigation and the Polynesian islands of Aotearoa (New about living a sustainable lifestyle. Faafaite Zealand), Fiji, Samoa, the Cook Islands along with its canoe cousins of the Pacific and Tahiti. The project known as "Tavaru" Voyagers fleet are already models of susmeans in Tahitian, a fleet of canoes. The tainability, having acquired electric engines purpose is to bring awareness of issues powered by photovoltaic solar panels, conincluding climate change, sea level rising, suming biodegradable products and eating acidification, noise pollution, and globalism local foods from organic farms. Faafaite that is changing the social fabric of ocean installed a satellite communication platform cultures, traditions and customs. The in order to talk directly to school children voyagers of Tavaru are from all over the all over Tahiti during the entire voyage. Pacific Ocean: Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, The program is directed towards children Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Aotearoa, in primary and secondary levels. This year's Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Tahiti voyage is called Te Mana o Te Moana, the 'Spirit of the Ocean'. Talk about a traditional voyaging canoe with high technology, one of the fleet's captains said, "Hey, if our ancestors had this technology, they would use it." True, but we must not forget that one of the main purposes of these voyages is to reconnect with nature, and at the same time, understand the importance of respecting it just like our ancestors did. We left the port of Papeete along with fellow Cook Islands' canoe Marumaru Atua to join five other canoes of the Pacific Voyagers fleet: Haunui with crew members from Aotearoa, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Hawaii; Gaualofa from Samoa; Hinemoana with crew from Aotearoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Tahiti; Te Matau o Maui from Aotearoa; and Uto Ni Yalo from Fiji. Our first destination is the Tahitian atoll of Fakarava and then onward to the Marquesas island of Nuku Hiva before heading for Hilo, Hawaii. This marks the first time a Tahitian canoe will visit its cousins up north since the days of the voyaging canoe. I am honored to sail in the footsteps of our ancestors. For more check out Johann Hironui Bouit 34 pacific paddler June 2011 http://www.pacificnet

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011

Kauai World Challenge
Molo Solo
Molokai Relay
Q&A with Kai Bartlett
OluKai Ho’olaule’a
Battle of the Paddle
SCORA's safety net
Primo Boys wild adventure
Suncare and UV Protection
Got lactate?
Maui to Molokai
Eono Hoe
Tavaru Sailing Canoe voyage

Pacific Paddler magazine - June 2011