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calling Palenque is home to verdant landscapes and several Mayan ruins. Playing archaeologist in Mexico is an easy and eye-opening experience. I sarah muñoz It might take a lifetime to explore all of Mexico’s ruins and prehistoric sites, but what a lifetime that would be. For every Chichen Itza or Tulum, there are many places that are relatively unknown, not quite as famous but just as intriguing—and more that will surely be uncovered as years go by. Underneath Mexico City alone there are finds being stumbled upon fairly often. But whether they’re surrounded by jungle or seconds away from a pretty beach, Mexico’s archaeological sites are some of this hemisphere’s most fascinating. for studious travelers For clients who want the real scoop from a scholar, there is Far Horizons’ Mexico: World of the Ancient Olmecs, led by Olmec specialist Prof. F. Kent Reilly III, the director of the Center for the Study of Arts and Symbolism of Ancient America at Texas State University. Departing on March 12, 2011, this 8-day excursion allows clients to delve into the Olmec civilization, the first in Mesoamerica. continued on page 50 48 july 2010 Mexico TourisM Board InDIAnA JOneS TyPeS

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