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individually through 2019: Sun Princess
(July 2018), Ruby Princess (October 2018),
Royal Princess (December 2018), Coral
Princess (January 2019), and Emerald
Princess (April 2019). For clients headed
to Hawaii, recommend 15-day cruises
that sail to four islands on the newly
glammed up Star Princess, which features
not only the new Camp Discovery, but
also "many of the signature product
innovations our guests have come to love,
including the Princess Luxury Bed and
revamped Sabatini's," says Jan Swartz, the
line's president.
Hawaii sailings will run through April,
and then Star Princess heads to Alaska for
the summer season.

Toss Out the Generation Gap
Disney Cruise Line offers Marvel Day at Sea programs.

thought was possible." That quick getaway
that Bayley refers to is a 3- or 4-night
Bahamas cruise from PortMiami to
Nassau and CocoCay, the line's private
island destination.
For families looking for longer
Caribbean cruises, say five or seven nights,
the Disney Magic and the Disney Fantasy
are good options-the ships will feature
Star Wars Day at Sea and Marvel Day at Sea
programs during several departures from
January through March 2019. On these
cruises, fans can expect themed activities,
unique F&B offerings, an over-the-top
fireworks display, and character meet and
greets. Early 2019 will also see Disney
Cruise Line expanding its 2-month season
from San Diego to Baja and the Mexican
Riviera. Cruises are on board the Disney
Wonder and range from two to seven
nights. During the week-long sailings
there's ample time to get a more in-depth

feel for the destination, where active
families can opt for cliff diving or ziplining
in the jungle.
Kids' offerings have also been amped
up on board Princess ships, with the kids
and teens clubs going through a total
reimagining. The revamped program, Camp
Discovery, was created in partnership with
Discovery Consumer Products, as part of
the cruise line's Discovery at Sea program.
Separated by age group-The Tree House
(ages 3 to 7); The Lodge (ages 8 to 12);
and The Beach House (ages 13 to 17)-
the spaces seek to merge education and
fun, and the decor and activities fit each
age group's unique vibe. Guests will find
the new spaces on board Grand Princess,
Caribbean Princess, Majestic Princess,
Regal Princess, Sea Princess, Star Princess,
and Island Princess, and this month sees
its debut on Crown Princess. The new
center designs will continue to launch

In its 2018 Cruise Industry Outlook, CLIA
looks beyond the multigen market segment
and points out that skip-gen cruising is
"projected to be highly popular in 2018
and beyond, with grandparents and
grandchildren traveling together without
their parents." So we asked Leesman if,
in fact, she was seeing more skip-gen
bookings, and she said that although she's
finding multigen travel quite popular, "I've
[also] noticed more interest in skip-gen
with grandparents who want to enjoy some
time with the grandkids while parents are
working on their careers."
Consider the possibilities: Maybe
a milestone celebration that brings the
Millennials and Boomers together
sans parents, or a grandma/
granddaughter cruise. ■
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Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection:

Families Take to the Rivers

You might not automatically think of Uniworld when you're planning a cruise
vacation for a family, but Uniworld offers highly popular family cruises. Certainly,
part of Uniworld's family cruise popularity can be credited to its roster of kid-friendly
amenities: dedicated family hosts-one for ages 4-12 and another for teens 13-17,
specially designed excursions, craft workshops, cooking and language classes,
special kids table and kids-only movie nights. Clients may still find some availability
on this year's family cruises, which include Enchanting Danube and Munich, the
Remarkable Rhine, the Seine River on a June sailing, and Gems of Italy-Milan to
Venice. And come winter, there are some festive family choices: the Parisian Royal
Holiday-when the chateaux along the River Seine and the City of Light are at their
holiday best, and Classic Christmas Markets: Nuremburg to Frankfurt.
Family time in Strasbourg.
20 march 2018

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