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Capitol View Spreading the Word Through Media formational page in its Advocacy Toolkit at Be the Expert A great way to support ACTE's media outreach efforts is to contribute your time and expertise by joining ACTE's Ambassador Network. ACTE relies on members of the Ambassador Network when responding to media inquiries for expert opinions on CTE issues, and will occasionally call upon its members to initiate contacts with the media to raise awareness of issues important to the Association and the CTE community. To join, simply contact me or visit the website at www. Celebrate Our Success Photo© By Sean Lynch SUCCESSFUL ADVOCACY FOR CTE POLICY PRIORITIES REQUIRES knowledge of the legislative process, but it also requires insight into the interaction between the media community and drivers behind political decision-making. Policymakers and stakeholders at all levels of government rely on the media to learn more about issues and how they affect their constituents, so it is vital to take advantage of this opportunity to educate them about how CTE promotes student success. ACTE serves the membership by raising awareness among media professionals about the benefits of CTE, as well as ACTE's policy priorities and initiatives. ACTE also provides tools and support to help you raise awareness of and encourage passage of important legislative initia- 12 Techniques March 2014 tives. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started in working with the media, I want to be a resource in telling your CTE story. Contact the Press ACTE encourages you to get involved in generating positive press about CTE in media outlets nationwide. Try to find content about issues that will be of significance to a media outlet's audience, and build a cooperative relationship with that outlet's reporters who write about those issues. Raising awareness among your media community can go a long way in educating the broader public about CTE, so don't hesitate to contact local reporters to give them their next scoop! For more information about conducting press outreach, remember to access ACTE's in- Another fantastic way to engage with members of the media and your colleagues is to participate in CTE Month.® This annual celebration of the successes among CTE professionals, students and alumni is an effective way to engage with your community while potentially making some news of your own. Plan an event that highlights the benefits of CTE in your school and your students' achievements, and remember to send ACTE links and photos to any news coverage your event receives. Start planning early! To learn more about participation in CTE Month 2015, visit the official website at Sean Lynch is the media relations manager at ACTE. He can be contacted at Visit the ACTE website at for more info on advocacy tips.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of ACTE Techniques March 2014

Leading Edge
Classroom Connection
Leadership Matters
Capitol View
Q and A
Advocacy: A Dedicated Task
Actions Inspired by Words
Advocacy Saves the Day
Advocacy: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Backyard Advocacy: How Local Business Partners Can Help
Top Five Local Advocacy Tips for Success
Solving the STEM Education Puzzle One Piece at a Time
Research Report
Indside ACTE
Career Curve

ACTE Techniques March 2014