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Q and A An Interview With Tara Berescik, the 2014 ACTE Teacher of the Year Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Photo and Video Tara Berescik was named the 2014 ACTE Teacher of the Year at ACTE's CareerTech VISION 2013. Tara is an agriculture teacher and FFA adviser at Tri-Valley Central School District in Grahamsville, New York. 14 Techniques March 2014 ACTE: How did agriculture become your passion? Tell us a bit about your background. TB: Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian, and I focused my efforts and energy on that goal. In high school I began working for a veterinarian to get my hours and develop needed skills. I graduated from high school with honors and was accepted to Virginia Tech to study animal science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. In college I volunteered at the Virginia Tech Beef Barn, learning how to break and train their Angus cattle for shows. The major turning point, though, was getting involved in Sigma Alpha Sorority at Tech. The members loved agriculture and I listened to them talk about their histories. Their passion was contagious. I began to volunteer at local schools and worked with the Agriculture in the Classroom program, where I had my first taste of teaching. I was hooked. I graduated in the fall of 1998 with my Bachelor's in Animal and Poultry Science and immediately began a Master's in Vocational and Technical Education at Tech. Fast forward two years to June 2000 when I found out about a job at Tri-Valley. I applied and was hired and have been there ever since! My passion is so great because I know that there is nothing that someone who wants to work hard cannot accomplish with CTE! ACTE: You are a mentor to many of your students, both present and past. Who were your mentors?

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Advocacy: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
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Top Five Local Advocacy Tips for Success
Solving the STEM Education Puzzle One Piece at a Time
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ACTE Techniques March 2014