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From there, planning your marketing budget becomes all about managing the investment you make in direct mail versus the dollars you spend on other marketing efforts. Any direct mail effort can return a positive ROI, as long as it is targeted and timed to prospects and events that have a high likelihood of acting on the message and offer you communicate. The question is, how big can or should the program be? For example, you can confine your direct mail efforts to your very best prospects and ensure a very high ROI. But which would you rather have: $5 million in profitable business that cost you $5,000 to generate or $10 million in revenue that cost you $15,000 to generate? The ROI on the first scenario is 1,000 percent. Conversely, the second scenario’s ROI is “only” 667 percent, but a much bigger contributor as far as absolute revenue impact. Just because consumers use digital media to research, explore and compare moving options doesn’t mean they are only (or even most) influenced by digital communications. So, maybe you haven’t thought about direct mail for a while. Chances are, you should.  Scott Bailey is executive vice president, strategy and analytics, of Target Data Corp., a company that specializes in direct mail for the moving industry. He also is a widely published expert in the areas of marketing strategy, targeting and segmentation. Email him at scott.bailey@ GF_Ad_Direction_Layout 1 12/5/11 2:31 PM Page 1 FMC 019378NF july | august 2012 of all com forwarder d nal freight e movement of use atio TR reloand intern ecializes in th rovider of domestic mpany, a licensed NVOCC, spdiron is a leading p U.S. DepartOur co , in ffects. Gri f Defense and a fully modities, ods and personal e U.S. Department o Since incorporation rta the uals. ld go ht transpo m househo oving services for and private individ eig m s, tea rices for fr cation and , major corporation mers competitive p ct our experienced ta sto tate ent of S ffered cu liable service. Con tion! m iron has o a 1995, Grid maintaining fast, re e a winning combin RY mak while /D E L IV E tion w we can e ho E R V IC E S AT IO N S today to se S T IN E IG H • A IR F R U C K IN G S E R V IC E O R IG IN S /PA C K E IN G • D ddress: Physical A ute 18 State Ro 816 228 wick, NJ 08 East Bruns ddress: Mailing A ox 7351 816 P.O. B wick, NJ 08 East Bruns 2-246-7070 Phone: 73 2-246-7022 Fax: 73 @grinmai Email: info AN T • OCE JEC S • PRO S E R V IC E O T CARG 42 Direction The World is Our Field. For a full listing of our services, and more information visit At Gridiron, we believe that... W W W. G R I D I R O N F O R WA R D I N G . C O M http://WWW.GRIDIRONFORWARDING.COM

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