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April is National Distracted Driving Awareness
Month: Marketing Materials Available

Parkling Wins Stockholm's Traffic Administration
Innovation Contest

In recognition of April's National Distracted Driving Awareness
Month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) has planned a number of activities. NHTSA is also kicking
off its national highly visible enforcement campaign for distracted
driving: U Drive. U Text. U Pay. NHTSA has developed a robust
social media strategy designed to raise public awareness about the
consequences of texting and driving. The focus is on the idea that "If
you're texting, you're not driving." Learn more and find marketing
materials for use at

Parkling's new technological solution for street parking has
been recognized by the city of Stockholm, a global leader in smart
cities. Parkling, a leading company in collecting and using on-street
data, has been selected as one of two winners of Stockholm's Traffic
Administration contest. The aim of the contest is to explore the
potential of new technological solutions for monitoring on-street
parking, and for offering residents and visitors to Stockholm a better
parking experience.
In a consortium with APCOA, Genetec, and Agendum, Parkling
will detect and identify parked vehicles as well as parking violations
using unique sensor fusion technology. In addition Parkling will digitize physical parking signs. Parkling's app, which is already available
in the Swedish Android app store, will guide the way towards free
parking opportunities. By June 2018, Årsta residents and visitors can
expect to engage with a parking heatmap and use Parkling's optimal
parking search path.
Parkling CEO Detlev Hülsebusch comments, "The entire Parkling
team is very excited about winning the Stockholm competition. It
shows that Parkling is well on its way as an innovator in using data
for parking, enforcement, and autonomous driving."

NACTO and the Open Transport Partnership Launch
Transportation Data Standard and Platform
The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)
and the Open Transport Partnership have announced the launch of
SharedStreets, a first-of-its-kind transportation data standard and
platform for public-private partnerships that allows cities to work
with companies to manage streets, reduce traffic deaths, and prepare
for the unprecedented technological advancement emerging in
cities' transportation networks.
Currently, street-level data standards used by private companies
and public agencies are incompatible, limiting the utility of current and
future data-sharing agreements. The SharedStreets data standard provides a new, global, non-proprietary system for describing streets that is
designed to be compatible with any source of street data, public or private. As a "connector," the data standard takes an innovative approach
to streets-based around unique, simplified intersection-to-intersection characteristics, rather than relying on a full, complex base map.
Funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and developed by NACTO
and the Open Transport Partnership, the full suite of SharedStreets
tools also include a new hub for industry-leading planning and
analysis. The SharedStreets data commons provides a neutral, anonymized clearinghouse for data, ensuring that numerous streams of
street-level information collected by transportation providers, auto
companies, tech companies, and government agencies are available
for analysis, traffic planning, street design, and development of new
technologies. The platform overcomes legal, regulatory, and technological barriers that have long created a digital divide between the
public and private sectors.
Designed to expand as cities and companies import new types of
data, the platform currently focuses on three crucial functions: traffic safety, real time traffic monitoring, and curb management. Each
of these features has been designed to be rapidly deployed in cities
around the world as they sign on to the SharedStreets platform. Visit
the SharedStreets project online at

Ap r i l 2018

i te j o urn al

Fully Connected Fleet with New Toyota Partnership
Avis Budget Group, Inc. has announced a multi-year deal that will
add 10,000 Toyota vehicles to Avis Car Rental's expanding fleet
of connected vehicles. The services provided through Toyota's
Mobility Services Platform will benefit both Avis customers-
through an enhanced and more personalized experience-and the
company through improved informatics, fleet management and
operational efficiency.
Part of Avis' commitment to reinventing the car rental experience
is ensuring a seamless line of communication from the connected
fleet to the Avis mobile app, where travelers can access important
information about their rental, change or upgrade their vehicle,
locate their vehicle, and more. Since the Avis mobile app's transformative launch in July 2016, usage has grown to over one million
transactions from more than 350,000 unique customers and has
increased customer satisfaction ratings by 20 percent.
Avis Budget Group has committed to operating a fully connected
global fleet by 2020 and will have 100,000 fully connected cars in the
United States this year. As part of this effort, earlier this month, Avis
Budget Group commenced installations of 50,000 Unified Telematics
Platform devices, provided by I.D. Systems, more than doubling Avis
Car Rental's existing fleet of connected vehicles. Connected Toyota
vehicles are expected to be available this September as 2019 vehicle
models are introduced into the fleet. itej

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