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distribution and has already proven a power player in
the space. Veale was an instrumental part of Showtime's
launch across the Internet, and leveraged her
strategic and creative vision to grow paid streaming
subscribers by more than 50%. She's passionate about
bringing Showtime programming to every device and
platform, in order to reach the broadest audience possible.
While Veale says her team " lives multiscreen, " if she
could escape for a month in virtual reality, she'd spend
it traveling to the many places on her long wish list.
Michael Willner
President & CEO
Penthera Partners
Willner, now CEO of Penthera
Partners, needs no introduction.
The co-founder of Insight Communications
and former multi-term chairman of NCTA
knows the industry-as one associate says- " from
the street to the suite. " He was elected as the 2016
chairman for the Cable Center and would have ran
publicly traded MSO Greatland Connections had the
Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger gone forward.
But while he's a cable pioneer, it would be a mistake
to view him as old school. Not only is he heading a
software company specializing in " download-to-go, "
but he has the institutional experience to understand
what MVPDs need to be nimble. His 3 go-to apps
are The Wall Street Journal app, " because they absolutely
nailed tablet newspaper viewing, " Seamless
Web, " because you can get any kind of food you
want delivered in Manhattan, " and Uber, " because it
changed my life. "
Mara Winokur
Senior Vice President, Global
Distribution and Strategy
Winokur continues to expand Starz's
content reach through important
digital deals, such as the SVOD
agreement for " Flesh and Bone, " which marked the
programmer's fi rst global deal. She's responsible for
building and growing Starz's worldwide digital footprint
and increasing revenues on its properties through
many initiatives. While Winokur's position oversees
the distribution, licensing and marketing of all content,
she's also spearheading IP licensing and app creation
initiatives. Winokur stays on top of the changing industry
by observing her kids' behavior. " What they are
doing with technology, or want to be doing with it, is
where the industry is moving, " she says.
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Cablefax Daily
Tuesday - February 9, 2016
What the Industry Reads First
Volume 27 / No. 025
FOX 4Q: Cable, Hulu & RSNs
Cable was the bright spot in 21st Century Fox's 4Q earnings, with OIBDA up 8% to $1.25bln driven by a 9% revenue
increase on strong affiliate revenue growth (2 large affiliates were renewed during the quarter). " Even in an environment
with a [growing number of] entertainment options, our affiliate revenue continues to grow, " said exec chmn Lachlan Murdoch,
suggesting it's a sign of the strength of the company's brand. Film was a disappointment, with revenue down 14%
to $2.46bln, though management is optimistic about current ilms, including " The Revenant, " and believes the biz is fundamentally
sound. For the near-term though, management lowered guidance on EBITDA. Highlighting cable's positive results
was the premiere last week of " The People v O.J. Simpson " on FX, which went down as the most-watched original scripted
series in the net's 22-year history. The premiere drew 12mln total viewers and 6.1mln 18-49s in Live+3. Fox News posted
double-digit percentage ad sales growth in 4Q (thanks to the GOP debates), but that was partially offset by lower ad rev
on a ratings dip at FX, with the year-ago period including the inal season of " Sons of Anarchy, " said CFO John Nallen.
Interesting discussion on Hulu during Mon's earnings call about 21CF's view in investment and programming rights given
its status as both a co-owner and content owner. " As a distributor of our programming, Hulu's very important. We think it's a
good distributor and we're really happy to push it forward. That said, we're also very focused on distributing our product and
our programs through our other distributors, the MVPDs and others, " said CEO James Murdoch. " With respect to stacking
rights and all of the construct of the SVOD windows, we're very focused on creating a customer experience around
our product that's very good, creating an ease of discoverability... We are interested in having fewer holdbacks outside
the SVOD windows so we can actually provide a better product for customers and provide our MVPDs and over-the-top
distributors with a better ability to deliver a good product experience. I don't think those things are incompatible at all. " None
of the analysts on the call raised Comcast's decision to drop YES Network, but there was some discussion about the
overall pricing for RSNs. " At this point, we feel pretty good about RSN pricing, " James Murdoch said, noting that the company
was able to achieve its goals there in renewals earlier in the quarter. " There probably is some price inelasticity for the
hardcore fan, but you have to remember that the RSNs are broad. They're not just for superfans. The RSNs in many of our
markets are the #1 rated broadcast platform in their market, particularly in baseball season. " For the quarter, the company

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