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BAKER PROUD | Spring 2015 photos by earl richardson 18 John Musgrave, who attended Baker from 1969 to 1971, is contributing to Ken Burns' documentary on the Vietnam War. Helping document history A t age 17 in 1967, John Musgrave saw the battlefields in Vietnam soon after enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps, a member of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines. Nearly a year into his time as a soldier in the jungles, Musgrave's platoon was ambushed. Musgrave suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and leg and was permanently disabled. He spent 17 months in a military hospital and has leaned on poetry through the years to help him cope as a veteran of war. "It's the only way to deal with this," says Musgrave, who attended Baker from 1969 to 1971 and is a longtime Baldwin City resident. "It's like sticking a finger down your throat, lancing a boil. I had to get that poison out of me because it was eating me alive. It's a continuing process." Musgrave's "Notes to the Man Who Shot Me: Vietnam Poems," now in its ninth printing, has received attention throughout the years. The raw, emotional poetry was noticed by Ken Burns, a director and producer well known for his documentary films. PBS announced a couple of years ago production plans for a series about the history and meaning of the Vietnam War. According to PBS, the series, slated for release in 2016, will explore the military, political, cultural, social and human dimensions of what has been called "the war of lost illusions." Musgrave and his wife, Shannon, traveled twice to New York in the fall to read his poetry and share photos with Burns and other members of his documentary team. He has been told his stories will be a significant part of the series.

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