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Announcements New Room at the Box Elder Museum of Natural History we offer periodic events, host fundraisers and hold Facebook contests to both engage our audience and generate crowdsourced content for exhibits. Brigham City, Utah We are in the process of growing our collections and appreciate this opportunity to put out a general call for artifacts in the above-listed categories. (Hey, if you don't ask you definitely We are excited to announce the opening of a new permanent room at our natural history museum, featuring one of the best trilobite collections in the United States. There are more than 100 trilobites on display representing 99 different species. The museum also features fossils, the mining history of Box Elder County, UT, a florescent room, rocks and minerals from around the globe, and specimens from the Green River Formation. For more information, visit or call 435-723-1439. Admission is free. Author and historian Jane Brackman discusses the mysteries of canine behavior during AHM's Books & Brews lecture series Animal History Museum won't receive, right?) If you or your institution have an item that doesn't-quite-fit-anywhere and don't know what to do with it, please consider making a long-term loan or gift to AHM. Your contribution could have a whole new life as a core part of our foundational exhibitions! Trilobite collection exhibit in the new permanent room at the Box Elder Museum of Natural History Announcing the Animal History Museum Pasadena, California Greetings! The Animal History Museum is the first museum dedicated to understanding and celebrating the human-animal bond. We're a fully registered nonprofit, working toward creating a lasting cultural institution in or near Los Angeles. Our permanent exhibit plans include: the human-animal bond, animals & intelligence, the history of animals throughout society, in art, literature, TV & film and pop culture, as well as the development of animal welfare, rights & law, vegetarian/ vegan food trends and animals & religion. In the meantime, 18 * SPNHC Newsletter A number of animal-related museum concepts are springing up around the country; some focus on the warm and fuzzy, others on humane education or animal rights. It is, no doubt, an idea whose time has come. The Animal History Museum is the only one that seeks to comprehensively explore one of the most fundamental but (until recently) marginalized of relationships - that of humans and the myriad of other species all around us - through the prisms of history, art, literature, science, religion and more. We invite you to see what we're about for yourself. Visit our online art gallery and library at:, as well as our social media communities on Facebook and Instagram at: animalhistorymuseum, on Twitter: @animal_history and Pinterest at: animalhistory/boards. Sign up for our newsletter at:

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