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TODAYcrop insurance NCIS Adjuster Training in Full Swing The gentleman standing in the back of the pickup is the apricot grower who allowed adjusters to utilize his orchards for hands-on training. Here he is describing his management practices and growth characteristics of the apricots. Also discussed were perils that could cause a loss, such as hail, early frost, etc. NCIS 2012 School/Field Day Schedule Date June 12-13 June 19-20 June27-28 School Crop-Hail Wheat and Corn Crop-Hail & MPCI Dry Peas, Lentils & Small Grains Blueberry & Stonefruit Crop-Hail Corn, Soybeans & Oats/MPCI Forage MPCI Florida Citrus Fruit, Fresh Market Sweet Corn & Fresh Market Tomato New Adjuster Crop-Hail MPCI Crop-Hail Corn & Soyben Field Day/Wheat Classroom TBA Crop-Hail Soybean & Corn New Adjuster Experienced Adjusters MPCI & Crop-Hail Corn Advanced Cropping MPCI & Crop-Hail Sunflower Advanced Cropping Crop-Hail & MPCI Cotton & Grain Sorghum Location Columbia, Missouri Moccasin, Montana Kennewick, Washington Bereford, South Dakota Kissimmee, Flordia Fargo, North Dakota Fargo, North Dakota Fargo, North Dakota Champaign, Illinois Kansas Ames, Iowa Lamberton, Minnesota Lamberton, Minnesota Huntley, Montana Scottsbluff, Nebraska Lubbock, Texas NCIS Schools Each year during the growing season, and all across the U.S., NCIS conducts classroom and hands-on field training for loss adjusters. The schools, which cover a wide variety of crops, are important because they ensure that all adjusters are trained on industry approved loss procedures. This provides consistency among all companies and assures farmers that their losses are adjusted accurately and fairly. The schools are run through the NCIS Regional/State Committees, and we can’t thank them enough for their commitment to the educational process and in providing their time and energy to ensure each school is successful. July 12 July 17-18 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 25-26 August August 1-2 August 1 August 2 August 7 August 14-15 August 28-29 30 AUGUST 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Crop Insurance Today August 2012

“What is, and What Should Never Be....”
Developing Risk Management Plans
Crop Insurance Rate of Return: Issues & Concerns
2011 Research Review
RMA/AIP Data Mining Steering Committee
NCIS Adjuster Training in Full Swing
Industry Support of FFA
Crop Insurance & Specialty Crops

Crop Insurance Today August 2012