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TODAYcrop insurance NCIS Awards Two Scholarships In the fall of 2011, NCIS began awarding two college scholarships to students enrolled at an 1890 Land-Grant University. The purpose of the scholarships is to help students further their education but also expose them to the business of crop insurance. Your generosity has inspired me to help others give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.” Miss Liggens had to delay her dream of obtaining a college education for a few years after high school graduation. She worked several jobs to help support her family and save money for tuition. Langston University, established in 1987, is named after John Mercer Langston, a black educator from Virginia who organized the first department of law at Howard University. Langston University offers several degrees including agriculture and applied science, business, education and nursing. Over 3,000 students attend the university. Megan Sullivan is the recipient of the second NCIS scholarship. Miss Sullivan is a junior at Alcorn State University majoring in Homeland Security Science Technology with a concentration in Geographic Information Science. “Miss Sullivan’s leadership qualities are outstanding and she is able to initiate discussions, ideas, and constructive suggestions,” said Dr. Yaw Twumasi, assistant professor, GIS and Remote Sensing. “She possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.” Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Miss Sullivan is the oldest of three children. She has always enjoyed learning and after earning her bachelors would like to pursue a master’s degree. She has had several opportunities to participate in programs that further her education. Recently she participated in the NASA Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholarship (LARSS) Project where she researched GIS techniques in environmental safety and climate change throughout the U.S. Her goal is to become a GIS programmer/analyst specializing in agricultural science. Alcorn State University is the oldest public historically black land-grant university founded in 1871. More than 3,800 students attend this university with three campuses located in Southeast Mississippi. Students can receive undergraduate and graduate degrees in seven different schools including arts and sciences, agriculture and applied sciences, nursing and education. Paige Liggens The first recipient is Paige Liggens, a student from Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma. Miss Liggens is a junior majoring in Natural Resource Management. She is very active on and off campus with various organizations, clubs, performance groups and community service. Miss Liggens also mentors children through local schools and sports programs. “Miss Liggens shows great interest in learning and is enthusiastic in classroom question and discussion sessions,” said Dr. Steve Zeng, chair of the Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources. “I strongly endorse her for this scholarship because she has demonstrated scientific intelligence, sound study habits, hard-working nature and team-oriented skills.” Miss Liggens is extremely appreciative of this tremendous scholarship and said “By awarding me the National Crop Insurance Services scholarship, you all have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the important aspects of school i.e. learning and studying. 12 FEBRUARY 2012 Megan Sullivan

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Explaining the Costs of the Crop Insurance Program
NCIS Awards Two Scholarships
2012 Spring Update Conference
Commitee Sees Research First Hand
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Retirements: Ben Latham and Steve Hams
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In Memory of Marx M. Mannberger
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Insurable Crops: Locations & Plans

Crop Insurance Today February 2012