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TODAYcrop insurance Committee Sees Research First Hand By Therese Stom, NCIS In November of 2011, the NCIS CropHail Actuarial & Statistics (A&S) Committee traveled to Chandler, Arizona, for an offsite meeting. The Crop-Hail A&S Committee generally meets twice a year and is responsible for the review of crop-hail actuarial methodologies, crop-hail statistical reporting techniques and state insurance department filing requirements. While in Arizona the Committee had the opportunity to go beyond the meeting room and see firsthand what goes on in the field. Sam Wang of the Maricopa Ag Center provided a tour of cotton fields at the research center. Mr. Wang briefed the group on some of the research currently being conducted. Due to the difference in the cotton growing season, there had been concern that the loss adjusting charts for cotton may not be accurate for the Arizona area since the original research for the Committee member Dale Farnham (far left) and Tom Vetter, ProAg and member of the NCIS Crop-Hail Policy, Procedure and Loss Adjustment Committee, listen to Dr. Wang (far right) describe current research projects. 16 FEBRUARY 2012

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Commitee Sees Research First Hand
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Crop Insurance Today February 2012