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TODAYcrop insurance Retirements Ben Latham Jess “Ben” Latham III, will retire from The ProAg Insurance Group in early 2012. Ben is a graduate of the University of Texas and West Texas State University. He started his career in crop insurance in 1972 as an agent in Amarillo, Texas. In 1974, he went to work as a hail adjuster for his grandfather’s company, which was started in 1926. In 1979, he was promoted to Vice President of Marketing for the company, then a regional crop-hail insurer mostly in the state of Texas. In the late 1980s, they moved into the MPCI market. As the company began to grow, they put together a business plan to expand into other states. During the 1990s, Ben, his brother, and his two sons worked on establishing other offices, growing through the 2000s to five regional offices and 450+ employees in 42 states. During that time, Ben served as COO and CEO and enjoyed working with reinsurance and especially new employees. “We have been very fortunate to have put together an excellent management team that is with us today at The ProAg Insurance Group,” said Ben. “Along with its parent company, CUNA Mutual, they will continue carrying on the family tradition.” During his tenure with The ProAg Insurance Group, Ben was very active in industry activities and served on several Boards, including: National Crop Insurance Services (member and Chairman); American Association of Crop Insurers (member and Chairman); and, the International Association of Crop Insurers. Ben was also very active in his community, serving on several boards for local hospitals, churches and other educational institutions. Ben and his wife, Connie, have three children; Benson, Brandon and Jessica. We wish Ben all the best in his retirement and we thank him for his years of service and many contributions to the crop insurance industry. Steve Harms Steve Harms, Rain and Hail L.L.C., retired in early January 2012, after almost 37 years of service. Steve had been the Chairman of the Board of Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc. since 2005, and also served as President of the Company since 2001. Steve began his career with Rain and Hail as an adjuster in 1973 and throughout his career there served in several different positions such as Field Supervisor, Claims/Quality Control Manager, Division Manager, Executive Vice President, President and Chairman of the Board. Steve was also a member of many industry committees during his time with Rain 20 FEBRUARY 2012 and Hail. He is a proven leader within the agricultural insurance world and had served as Chairman of both National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) and American Association of Crop Insurers (AACI). Steve’s personal life is full of interests, activities and friends, but his greatest joy and accomplishment is his family. Steve and his wife, Diane, have four daughters and one son. He enjoys time with his grandchildren as well as hunting and fishing. We wish Steve all the best in his retirement and we thank him for his years of service and many contributions to the crop insurance industry.

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Crop Insurance Today February 2012