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CropInsuranceTODAY & the Crop Insurance Industry A Challenging 2012 for NCIS By Laurie Langstraat, NCIS Coming off the heels of 2011, the costliest crop insurance year in the books, 2012 had a very promising start. But spring rains quickly gave way to a dry spell and heat wave that produced one of the worst droughts in decades. While indemnities are not yet final, 2012 has already surpassed 2011 as losses continue to be tallied. This active weather year, combined with ongoing Farm Bill negotiations and heavy agricultural losses, has kept the crop insurance industry in the public spotlight. As the nation’s largest crop insurance trade association representing all 16 Approved Insurance Providers (AIP), National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) is the nexus of industry services, education, outreach to the federal government and public education through written and broadcast media sources. To promote Industry efforts and opportunities, NCIS conducts a wide array of meetings, presentations, seminars and outreach projects to ensure that the technical aspects of crop insurance are fully understood within the industry; that farmers fully understand crop insurance as a risk management tool; that the public understands the necessary role crop insurance plays in the stability of the food supply; and, that the partnership built between the crop insurance industry and key federal agencies remains productive and effective. Provided below is a recap of the various things that NCIS was involved in in 2012, many of which are continuing into 2013. Along with the lingering drought in many areas of the country and the continuing Farm Bill debate, NCIS and the industry will remain focused on educating program stakeholders, the media and the general public on the success of the public/private partnership. NCIS Risk Management Presentations Working at times in partnership with RMA and at times by itself, NCIS conducts seminars on risk management for limited resource and socially disadvantaged farmers and others interested in better managing risk. The hope is that helping farmers deCROPINSURANCE TODAY ® 11

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Primum Non Nocere-Redux
Common Land Unit Acreage Reporting Plan
A Challenging 2012 for NCIS & the Crop Insurance Industry
NCIS Participates in NAFB "Trade Talk"
The Value of Crop Insurance Case Study
Step 8 -- Managing Constraints
Insurable Crops: Locations & Plans

Crop Insurance Today February 2013