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ronment" symposium with Zacharias, Dwight Lanclos, USDA, and James Richardson, Texas A&M University serving as panelists. The discussion focused on how crop insurance would be affected by the new Farm Bill Federal budget and potential policy changes. * 2013 AAEA Symposium on Crop Insurance and the Farm Bill: Dr. Keith Collins, NCIS, was the opening speaker at this symposium held in early October in Louisville, KY. He provided an extensive discussion on the evolving role of crop insurance in farm risk management. * Articles in Key Publications: Two articles were published in Choices magazine, an online peer-reviewed magazine published by the Agricultural and Applied Econom- The Industry and NCIS work diligently to provide quality risk management tools for America's farmers and ranchers. ics Association. This volume focused on current issues in risk management and U.S. agricultural policy. Drs. Tom Zacharias and Keith Collins wrote "Ten Considerations Regarding the Role of Crop Insurance in the Agricultural Safety Net," which provided a within-the-industry perspective on the crop insurance program status and key issues of crop insurance and the farm bill. Dr. Keith Collins and Harun Bulut wrote "How Will the Farm Bill's Supplemental Revenue Programs Affect Crop Insurance?" This article investigates the supplemental shallow loss programs in the farm bill proposals and provided a discussion of the complementarities of the programs with existing underlying crop insurance coverage. The industry and NCIS work diligently to provide quality risk management tools for America's farmers and ranchers. There are many activities that our association is involved in and we strive to participate in those that will provide value to the industry, as well as educate the general public on the importance of a sound and successful crop insurance program. Corn Loss Instructions Updated for 2014 by Loretta Sobba and Mark Zarnstorff, NCIS 16 February2014 Comparison of 2014 Corn Stand Reduction Loss Charts Through 10th Leaf 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 11th through 17th Leaf % Loss What began as a routine research project almost a decade ago, to verify the accuracy of the corn loss procedures, has resulted in implementation of changes to the Crop-Hail Corn Loss Instructions for the 2014 crop year. A research study was initiated with the University of Minnesota in 2004 to review how losing various percentages of plant population in the vegetative stages of growth effects corn production. With many changes in corn hybrids over the past several years, it was time to see how current hybrids respond when a portion of the crop stand is lost. Based on the results from the initial research study that began in Minnesota, additional trials were soon added over the next several years and included work with landgrant universities in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota and Ohio. In total, more than 25 site-years of research was collected, compiled and analyzed. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 % Stand reduction The research verified that the current procedure for determining losses when the corn plant has fewer than 11 leaves is accurate. However, the results also indicated that the procedure used when the corn plant has between 11 and 17 leaves needed to be revised. As shown in the graph, research results revealed that losing plant stand during the 11th through the 17th leaf stages of growth results in a greater loss than losing plant stand from emergence through the 10th leaf stage of growth. As the graph indicates, the percentage of the stand that is lost is not in direct proportion to the percentage loss in crop production. The Crop-Hail Corn Loss Instructions have been revised for the 2014 crop year and now includes two stand loss charts. One chart is applicable when damage occurs through the 10th leaf stage of growth. A new stand loss chart applies when damage occurs in the later vegetative stages, beginning at the 11th leaf stage and continuing through the 17th leaf stage of growth. The MPCI Corn Loss Adjustment Standards Handbook for the 2014 crop year includes the same loss charts.

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