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CropInsurance TODAY A Year of 2014 Involvement VisitWebsite As we look back at the NCIS activities in 2014, a large part of them can be summed up in two words: Farm Bill. After almost four years of hearings, negotiations and Congressional votes, the Agricultural Act of 2014 was signed into law by President Obama on February 7, 2014. We knew the Farm Bill would eventually come to fruition and we had done our best to prepare for its implementation. In early March, the industry began meeting with the Risk Management Agency to discuss the implementation timeline and that's when the work began in full force. NCIS staff spent countless hours analyzing proposed language and procedure, discussing it via conference call with various standing committees, providing written comments back to RMA and starting the process all over again until the details became final. Then it was time to train: the company employees, agents, adjusters...everyone needed to know how the new programs worked, how they impacted the "traditional" crop insurance program, and how best to explain the myriad of options to America's farmers and ranchers. But even though implementation of the Farm Bill was the hot topic of 2014, that didn't mean the other "standard" NCIS activities ceased. Farmers in Clinton, NC, participating in a risk management education workshop sponsored by NCIS and funded by a Risk Management Agency Cooperative Agreement. 10 FEBRUARY2015

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A Work in Progress
Whole-Farm Revenue Protection
2014 A Year of Involvement
NCIS Agricultural Research & Technology Program
Crop Insurance In Action: Art Wiebelhaus, Fordyce, Nebraska
In Memory Mike Felt
In Memory Irl Oaks, Jr.
Insurable Crops Location & Plans
FFA Proficiency Winner

Crop Insurance Today February 2015