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TODAYcrop insurance NCIS Board of Directors Back Row (left to right): Kendall Jones, ProAg Insurance; Don Preusser, John Deere Insurance Company; Mike Day, Rural Community Insurance Services; Bob Haney, Rain and Hail L.L.C.; and, Jim Aldeman, American Farm Bureau Insurance Services. Front Row (left to right): Tim Weber, Second Vice Chairman, Great American Insurance Company; Tom Zacharias, NCIS; Steve Rutledge, Chairman, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa; Ted Etheredge, First Vice Chairman, ARMtech Insurance Services; and, Jim Korin, NAU Country. Under the direction of its Board of Directors, National Crop Insurance Services has developed two national awards to be given to individuals who achieve excellence in the criteria set out by the awards. The first award is the Outstanding Service Award. This award, primarily for agents, has actually been in existence since 2001 and has been awarded to several excellent individuals. The purpose of this award is to promote exceptional service industry-wide, and encourage outstanding outreach efforts to all farmers, especially limited-resource farmers, by highlighting an individual who has demonstrated exceptional service. NCIS MAY 2012 INDUSTRY AWARDS The two winners will be presented with their awards at the crop insurance industry annual convention held in February of each year. All nominations must be submitted in writing to NCIS by October 15, 2012, for awards to be given at the 2013 Annual Convention. For nomination information and forms to be submitted, please go to the NCIS website at to download. If you have any questions regarding the criteria or whom is eligible for either award, please contact Laurie Langstraat at NCIS at or 913-685-2767. The newest award established is the Industry Leadership Award. This award, targeted primarily to members of the NCIS regional/state crop insurance committees, was created to formally recognize individuals who are directly involved in the crop insurance industry and who consistently serve the industry by providing outstanding leadership. Company employees at both the field and management level are eligible to be nominated. The criteria for both awards are: 1. Strong personal and business ethics. 2. Demonstrated service above and beyond to the crop insurance industry. 3. Represents themselves, their company, and the crop insurance industry well. 26

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Crop Insurance Today May 2012

Commitment to Excellence
2011 Year in Review
Farming: Pessimists Need Not Apply
Leadership: NCIS Regional/State Crop Insurance Committees
NCIS Board of Directors
Insect Resistance to Bt: Is it a new threat to crop production?
Another Successful Convention
Adam Vetter Given Outstanding Service Award
Pat Flanagan Given Industry Leadership Award
Step 6-Identifying and Evaluating Alternatives: What alternatives are feasible for the future?
In Memory of John F. Ames

Crop Insurance Today May 2012